How to Pick The Best False Lashes For You

September 15, 2023 3 min read

How to Pick The Best False Lashes For You

False lashes come in a variety of different styles and volumes all suited to different eye shapes, so, before you start filling up that shopping cart, it helps to know which false lashes are going to work best for you.

How do you do that? Easy - you read this blog!

In just a few minutes, we’ll tell you all about:

  • How understanding your eye shape can help you pick the best false lashes
  • The different kinds of false lashes available
  • The ethics behind the best false lashes
  • The clear vs. black band choice
  • The best way to match false lashes to your eye makeup

Let’s dive in!

How understanding your eye shape can help you pick the best false lashes

If you thought all eyes were just... well, eyes, then you’re in for a surprise! There are in fact several different types of eye shape and most of us will fall into one of these five eye shape categories: Hooded Eyes

Monolid Eyes

Deep-Set Eyes

Round Eyes

Almond Eyes

Monolid Eyes, Deep-Set Eyes, Round Eyes, Almond Eyes.

If you want to find out which eye shape you are and what each of these names mean, just follow the simple steps in our ultimate ‘what is my eye shape’ guide.

Once you know your eye shape, you’ll then know what to look for to get the best false lash for you.

For example, people with the deep-set eye shape should look for lashes that focus on length as this will help bring their eyes forward.

The different kinds of false lashes available

In the past, false lashes were typically divided between magnetic lashes (which attach thanks to tiny magnets) and glue-ons (which attach using a lash glue).

However, over the last few years a revolutionary new technique has taken the lash world by storm. It’s known as ‘adhesive eyeliner,’ and its advantage is that it allows you to attach any regular false lash to your lash line in seconds whilst avoiding the usual gunky consequences of lash glue.

Find out more by reading our blog on the best way to apply false lashes or check out our very own adhesive eyeliner here.

The ethics behind false lashes

The best false lashes don’t just look good, they do good. We strongly recommend that you avoid false lashes that are made with ingredients derived from or tested on animals, particularly mink. If you want to be sure that your lashes won’t harm the environment, choose brands whose products come with a ‘cruelty-free’ promise.

The clear vs black band choice

There was once a time when all false lashes came with a black band, but that meant you always had to wear your false lashes with eye makeup, so it was almost impossible to achieve a completely natural look. Luckily, clear-band false lashes are now a thing! So, that gives you a choice:

Black Band – if you’re using eye makeup and want a bold look that will draw attention.

Clear Band – if you’re not using eye makeup or you’re only using very soft hues and want breezy, natural lashes.

The best way to match false lashes to your eye makeup

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can use your false lashes in combination with your makeup to create all sorts of different looks. From the iconic cat eye through to Ariana Grande’s signature style, the world is your oyster! Check out our ‘eye makeup for beginners’ tutorial here, and remember to check our blog page regularly as we often post makeup tips for major occasions like Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day.


You’ve now got everything you need to pick out the best false lashes for you. And, because we know that you're going to find multiple different options to suit your unique eye shape and preferences, we’ve put together a great deal so you can save money when you buy two lashes as part of our Basic Bundle. Try it today!

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