False Lashes for Sensitive Eyes

September 27, 2023 4 min read

False Lashes for Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, then you might have resigned yourself to the idea that false lashes just aren’t for you.

But that’s not true!

In fact, even if you have sensitive eyes, we’re here to tell you that you can absolutely find false lashes which will work wonderfully for you. You just need to know what to look for... 😊

Ready to start your false lash journey? Read on!

How do I know if I have sensitive eyes?

‘Sensitive eyes’ is a term used to describe eyes that are easily irritated by external products. If you often find that your eyes water or become irritated when applying cosmetics, or the skin around your eyes becomes sore or red, then it’s likely you have sensitive eyes.

And that’s OK!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sensitive eyes (hey, you’re just a bit more delicate). All it means is that you have to be a bit more choosier when it comes to the products you use.

Sensitive Eye Symptoms. Eyes water often, Eyes feel itchy or irritated, Skin around the eyes feels sore or shows redness.

Can I get lash extensions if I have sensitive eyes?

Lash extensions are a lash-lengthening treatment which involves gluing synthetic fibres to the tips of your natural lashes using a lash glue that’s strong enough to hold them in place for 6-8 weeks. Because of their longevity, the glue used in lash extensions is far stronger than the regular lash glue you’d use for daily false lashes, and that means the chemicals in the glue are stronger too.

Why is that a problem? Well, the stronger the chemicals in the lash glue, the more likely they are to irritate your sensitive eyes.

So, it’s not an absolute ‘no’ to getting lash extensions, but if you do have sensitive eyes, chances are this won’t be the best option for you.

What is the best option for sensitive eyes?

The best option for sensitive eyes is false lashes which you apply and remove daily. Since these false lashes only need to hold in place for a maximum of 24 hours, they’ll end up being kinder on your eyes.

What kind of daily false lashes should I buy?

It’s easy! Next time you’re shopping for false lashes, just ask yourself these three questions...

1) How does the lash attach to my lash line?

False lashes can be applied three main ways: with magnets, with lash glue, or with lash adhesive.

Magnetic Lashes: These lashes hold in place using the magic of magnetic attraction, and don’t require a drop of glue. Since it’s the glue which often provokes most adverse reactions, this is a good place to start. However, magnetic lashes are bulkier than the other options (because they’re lined with magnets), and that weight can drag down on your natural lashes causing irritation.

Glue-On Lashes: The most traditional false lash option, the lash glue used to apply glue-on lashes is gentler than the glue used for lash extensions, but it can still leave behind a gunky residue that can harm your natural lashes and your skin.

Adhesive Lashes: The most revolutionary application method. Instead of a gooey lash glue, these lashes are applied using a precise, rapid-drying adhesive. By giving you the same all-day hold, whilst reducing the amount of adhesive you need to apply your false lashes, adhesive lashes are really unintrusive which makes them great for sensitive eyes.

2) How is the lash made?

Check the materials and processes involved in making the false lash. You might assume that ‘natural’ materials would be best, but actually that’s not true... In fact, we’d recommend avoiding things like animal fur (mink) in favor of synthetic silk.

Synthetic silk is softer and lighter than any natural material, and because it is man-made it has been specially designed NOT to irritate your eyes.

Other good labels to look out for:

  • Non-toxic” – means lashes are free of sulphates, parabens, and other irritating nasties.
  • “Dermatologically tested” – means lashes or lash cosmetics have been tested in a clinical environment and have been shown to be 100% safe for eyes and skin.

3) What style of lash do I want?

False lashes come in a variety of different styles. For sensitive eyes, we recommend opting for lashes which are lighter and less dense. Since these lashes have fewer fibres per millimetre of lash band, they won’t weigh down on your natural lashes and they won’t crowd your lash line, effectively allowing the area around your eyes some breathing room whilst still giving you the extra length you’re after.

Can I use mascara if I have sensitive eyes?

You bet you can! When it comes to mascara, all you need to do is keep it simple:

  • Stay away from mascaras with fragrances as the added chemicals might irritate your skin
  • Keep in mind what we said about false lashes and apply the same things when shopping for mascara – ‘non-toxic’ and ‘dermatologically-tested’ labels are good!
  • Remember that the best mascaras are easy and accurate to apply, and won't smudge or run into your eyes
  • Follow our 10-step guide to applying mascara and makeup with false lashes

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