Well, like your beautiful Momma (or Mumma) always says: beauty shines from the inside out. So, we insist that beauty should be fabulously fun and leave 
you feeling good!

To this end, you will find our products to be different. Hassle free and fabulous – without the glue, the pain or the mess, and vegan, cruelty-free, and reusable 
to boot.

So, ladies, we urge you to.do.you. Without the pain 
and without the glue, without the smudge, and without the grudge. Embrace your unique beauty – because, nothing is more beautiful than a gorgeous woman being unapologetically herself.

Some call it innovation, we prefer to call it a revolution - because for us, and now you, there is no gain in pain. Instead, beauty should always be a joy and we love bringing the joy. Each and every day we deliver pain-free, hassle-free products all over the world. In fact, 
we have delivered more than 200,000 of our products to grateful goddesses so far, and each day this number grows.

If you are wondering where are we based, well, 
we are based in the United States - more specifically, Austin, Texas, and we also have teams based in United Kingdom, Australia and Netherlands.

Who is
Silly George?

We’ve been very mysterious over the last 5 years about Silly George… Well, he’s a 4-legged furry friend that wins the hearts of anyone who has 
the pleasure of meeting him.

Meet George

(and yes, he lives up to his reputation
as a very silly boy).

He’s an 8- year- old Welsh Terrier, who is a beloved family member of Silly George’s 
(the brand) owners, Miranda & Leigh. He’s a very cheeky boy, who gets into mischief every single day, but is so damn cute he’s hard to stay mad at.

So why name a brand after a dog?

Maybe it’s unusual, but did you see the photo above? He’s probably the cutest thing ever, and what better inspiration than to name a brand after a beloved family member who is full of love, fun, and personality. Also, we think it has a nice ring to it.

George approves our brand values!


Top quality products. No cutting corners. Most of our customers are repeat customers, and the reason for this is because they know they will receive a top-quality product every time. (And if there’s ever something not 100% right - we fix it).


Policies that put our customers first. We offer 
a 30-day Money Back Guarantee 
(and a whopping 60 days for our Lash Growth Serum). We truly stand behind our products, 
so we feel good about putting our “money where our mouth is”.


Service that puts our customers first. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true! We have an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Team that is available 24/7 through a variety of channels. There’s always someone to help, and we have a fantastic track record of replying “lickety split”!


A team culture of listening to, and learning from, customer feedback. You guys are why we do this! If there is anything we could do better, please reach out, we promise we’re listening.

Thanks for shopping with us, we’re thrilled you’re here! Welcome to the Silly George family, and please reach out if there’s anything we can help you with. ❤️

Kisses and hugs. SG x