Well, what do you want to know? 

Here at Silly George there are 3 things we're big on:

1) Bringing you a collection of the latest trends and products for the whole family.

2) We're shoppers too, and we know that warm and fuzzy feeling when you know you just got an amazing deal! We want our tribe to always have that experience with us, so we are committed to bringing you great stuff at really great prices.

3) Unhappy for any reason? Howl at the heavens on the seventh day of the new moon on the and we'll appear.  Or e-mail us at contact@sillygeorge.com if that's easier (that's probably easier). The point is, we'll make it right. We promise.  We offer a 30 Day Money Back or Replacement Guarantee (some products even longer) if you are unsatisfied for any reason. You can't build an empire if pissed off people are giving you horrible reviews everywhere.*

*But on the flip side, we are building an empire, and you can help us by giving us glowing reviews, shares, likes and all that jazz in all the right places, if you are happy...and you will be!


So welcome to our Silly George tribe, have a look and see what gems are waiting for you.