The Cruelty Behind Mink Lashes

August 23, 2022 2 min read

The Cruelty Behind Mink Lashes

The lash industry has a problem and it’s called mink. Many brands still use mink fur as part of their false lashes, and it’s even advertised as a luxury. But before you buy a false lash made of mink, we think you should know the dark truth. 

What are minks?  

Minks are furry animals similar to otters or ferrets.  

Why is their fur used in lashes? 

Before alternatives were developed, false lashes were made using animal fur and a mink’s fur is particularly soft. 

What’s wrong with using mink? 

1) Before extracting their fur, minks are held in suffocating wire cages in squalid conditions on dedicated fur-farms, with no access to nature and no opportunity to do any of the things, from burrowing to swimming, that they would do in their natural habitat.  

2) When you extract a mink’s fur, it’s not simply a case of cutting their coat a little shorter and sweeping up a few loose hairs. The fur coat actually has to be separated from the mink, which means the mink has to be killed. How’s that done? Well, some farms simply bludgeon them to death, others electrocute or gas them. In many cases, their skins are torn from their bodies whilst they are still conscious. 

So, in order to make one single mink lash, dozens of animals are needlessly tortured and killed, as this article from PETA explains. 


Why this is totally illogical 

There’s no need to use mink! Not only is it shockingly cruel, but there are way better alternatives on the market which are softer, lighter and more comfortable. Take our lashes for example.  

Every single Silly George lash is made with a material called artificial silk, a man-made alternative to silk which is gorgeous to touch and blends beautifully with your natural lashes. Even better, it’s 100% vegan and doesn’t impact a single animal, either for production or testing, which is why we can say with pride that everything we do is completely cruelty-free.  

Take the pledge 

So, whether you shop with us or somewhere else, we’d like to invite you to make a simple pledge – whenever you see a false lash made with mink, say no! 

Try our range of vegan lashes today instead and see for yourself just how much better they make you feel, both inside and out.