The Best False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

August 10, 2022 1 min read

The Best False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Time flies when you’re having fun! We’re already at the last instalment of our series on the best false lashes for the 5 most common eye shapes. Missed the others? Read our dedicated blogs at  deep-set, round, almond and hooded eyes.   

But today, all of our attention is on monolid eyes. 

Do I Have Monolid Eyes? 

You have monolid eyes if...  

  • You don’t have a crease above your eyelid when your eyes are open  
  • The top and bottom of your iris are hidden  

Which Lash Style Works Best? 

Accentuate the natural width of monolid eyes by going for top-heavy lashes that add drama and intensity to your look.  

3 Lashes You Should Own 

Three big, bold and beautiful lashes:

1) Girl Boss 

A wispy style with the volume turned up to 10, this lash is guaranteed to draw attention. 

2) Halley SuperNatural 

Thick criss-cross style builds density along the whole of your lash line, for a seriously smoky gaze.  

3) Girl Crush

Clusters of extra-long lashes which, with a dash of eyeshadow, will quickly turn your lash line into a landmark.  


Fired up? 

With the right lashes, you’re now ready to take on the world 💪