The Best False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

August 06, 2022 1 min read

The Best False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Welcome to our very special series on the best false lashes for the 5 most common eye shapes. If this is your first visit, check out our previous blogs a deep-set, round and almond eye shapes

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into hooded eyes.  

Do I Have Hooded Eyes? 

You have hooded eyes if...  

  • You have a prominent brow and your eyelids are hidden when open 

Which Lash Style Works Best? 

With hooded eyes you want your false lash to add depth, so look for long lashes or those which cluster towards the center of the band. 

3 Lashes You Should Own 

Three false lashes which will have everybody looking your way:  

1) Girl Goals 

One of our longest false lash options, Girl Goals gives you long, breezy lashes which will really open up your eyes. 

2) Girl Overboard 

The natural undulation of these lashes, alternating between longer and shorter sections, means they blend more easily with your natural lash line whilst still giving you great depth. This is the option if you’re after a subtler finish.  

3) Nova SuperNatural 

Nova builds depth towards the middle of your eye and, because the false lashes are grouped into clusters, it’s perfect for that wispy lash look.  


Feeling inspired? 

Now that you know which lashes complement your eye shape, it’s time to add them to your collection!