Lash Growth Serum Ingredients

June 02, 2022 2 min read

Lash Growth Serum Ingredients

Coca-Cola and KFC are famous for keeping the ingredients of their recipes top secret, but some lash brands are on a whole other level! You know the kind we’re talking about, those brands with serums that promise you longer, thicker lashes without ever telling you how they work or what ingredients they contain.  

But not Silly George!

Webelieve empowering women isn’t just about great products, it’s also about knowledge. So, read on and find out what’s really inside these lash-altering serums, how they work, and the key ingredient that gives our very own Lash Growth Serum its power.  

How do Lash Growth Serums work? 

Your lashes go through a natural growth cycle which has three phases:  

Phase 1: Growth 

Phase 2: Transition 

Phase 3: Resting & Shedding 

Lash Growth Serums extend your growth phase, meaning your lashes grow for longer, whilst they also help to moisturise your lashes once they are grown, preventing premature shedding.

What’s the secret ingredient? 

Lash Growth Serums contain a number of different ingredients, from purified water which makes it easy to apply to conditioners that nourish your lashes, but you want to look out for anything that includes amino acids. Your eyelashes are about 90% protein, and amino acids are the basic building blocksof proteins.

Lash Growth Serum checklist

  • Purified water gives it an easy-to-apply viscosity.
  • Proteins support growth.
  • Conditioners nourish your lashes.

What about the alternatives? 

People claim all sorts of other things can help to boost lash growth, but the reality is that only the ingredients inside the best clinically-formulated Lash Growth Serums can stimulate your hair follicles and increase growth. Know what to look out for and read about some of the most common lash growth serum myths here

What does Silly George use? 

There’s one key ingredient in our Lash Growth Serum which is rich in amino acids and fantastic for your lashes: EPM enzymes. What are EPM enzymes? 

Try it out! 

We’re so confident that our Lash Growth Serum will give you longer, thicker lashes after six weeks that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. That means you can try it for yourself and if you’re not completely happy with your new, naturally gorgeous lashes, you won’t have to pay a penny.