Your Lash Growth Cycle Explained

May 25, 2022 2 min read

Your Lash Growth Cycle Explained

Here’s a riddle for you: what part of your body keeps moving even when you’re perfectly still? Your lashes of course!  

You might not be able to see it, but every second of every day your lashes are actually in a state of flux, moving somewhere along their journey from tiny root to fully grown lash and back again in a constant process of renewal.  

This whole process is known as the lash lifecycle and there are three main phases that every lash lover needs to know about. 

Phase 1: Anagen Phase (Active Growth) 

The very start of your little lash’s journey. This is the point at which your new lash starts to emerge from the root. During the Anagen Phase, a lash will grow by roughly 0.1-1.15mm each day.  

Remember, your lashes aren’t all at the same point in the lifecycle (which is good because otherwise they’d all shed at the same time!), so about 40% of your lashes will be in the Anagen Phase at any one time. 

Duration: 4-8 weeks. 

Phase 2: Catagen Phase (Transition) 

In the Catagen Phase, the hair follicle that has sprouted your lash starts to shrink and growth slows to a complete stop. Your lash is now at its maximum length!  

Duration: 2-3 weeks.  

Phase 3: Telogen Phase (Resting & Shedding) 

This is where your lash gets to chill for a bit, resting at its full length whilst the next lash that will eventually replace it starts to grow slowly inside the hair follicle.  

At the end of the Telogen Phase, when the new lash is ready to break out of the follicle, the old lash is pushed out and naturally falls away in a process known as ‘shedding.’ So, when you see a lash shedding you don’t have to worry, it’s usually a sign that a new lash is ready to start growing!  

(If you’re noticing excessive lash loss, you can read our blog to find out what might be causing it.)  

Duration: 12-16 weeks. 


But right now, you’re probably wondering: if the lash lifecycle naturally controls the way my lashes grow, is there anything I can do to tip the scales in my favour?  

That’s where Lash Growth Serums come in! 

Lash Growth Serum: How It Works 

Our Lash Growth Serum is clinically formulated to give you longer, thicker, stronger lashes. So how does it work? Well, using our Lash Growth Serum actually has an impact on all three phases of your lash growth cycle:  

Phase 1: It activates the hair follicles of lashes in the Anagen Phase, extending the time they have to grow. 

Phase 2: It nourishes and strengths lashes in the Catagen Phase, making them less likely to shed prematurely and ensuring they make it to the Telogen Phase, where they stay longer at their full length.

Phase 3: It accelerates the growth of the new lash during the Telogen Phase, meaning you get to a new, stronger lash, faster.  

So, now that you understand exactly what it can do, why not try it and see the results for yourself!