How many eyelashes do we have?

October 05, 2021 2 min read

How many eyelashes do we have?

One... two... three... OK, this could take a while.  

If you’re wondering how many lashes it takes to produce that gorgeous flutter of yours, we can save you a whole load of time. In this blog we’ve put together all the information you need on your natural lash capacity AND you can also find out how much extra volume a false lash provides.  

So come on in and join the lash experts! 

How many lashes do I have?  

Just like every other part of life, you are uniquely you. The number of lashes varies from person to person, so when we come to talk about lash capacity, we have to talk in averages.  

On average, most people have 90-150 lashes on their upper eyelid and around 70-80 lashes on their lower eyelid. Why the difference? Well, the upper eyelid is larger, longer and has deeper roots, so it’s able to support more lashes. That also explains why lashes on the upper eyelid are longer, on average 8mm-12mm, compared with 6mm-9mm for our lower lashes. 

All of these lashes are constantly moving through the lash lifecycle, so some will just be starting to grow while others will be close to falling out. This constant renewal is what keeps your lash line healthy. 

What about a false lash? 

False lashes are designed to give you a lash line that’s bursting with volume and intrigue. Whether you wear magnetics or glue-ons, the band of the false lash should sit neatly on top of your existing lashes, adding depth across the whole length of your lash line. And that depth depends on how many extra lashes your falsie is adding. 

Now, the number of lashes in a false lash varies depending on the brand, we use over 200 in each and every lash! So when you wear one of our falsies, you’re actually tripling the number of lashes along your lash line, which means it is three times more impressive 😊. 

What’s right for me? 

You’ll notice that false lashes come in a variety of different styles. This allows you to mix and match depending on the kind of effect you want, whether you’re looking for something that will augment the natural shape of your lashes or you want to try something totally new. At the end of the day, falsies are there to have fun with, so never be afraid of experimenting! For some inspiration, check out our newest range of invisible-band lashes and see which ones you prefer.