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When do babies get eyelashes?

September 30, 2021 1 min read

When do babies get eyelashes?

Whenever you look closely at a baby the first thing you notice are their big, beautiful eyes. That’s because babies have disproportionately large eyes for their head, and sometimes these eyes are framed by lovely lashes and sometimes not.  

But all is not lost, even if you can’t see a baby’s eyelashes it doesn’t mean there not there. In fact, eyelashes (and eyebrows) start growing in the womb after about 20 weeks. So, the chances are that they are too fine to be seen and need a bit of time to grow out. These lashes will continue to grow as needed for the rest of the baby’s life. This is great because natural eyelashes provide the platform for false eyelashes! At what age can you start wearing false lashes? This is up to the wearer, but we would suggest that after 11 years old would be fine – and only for special occasions – not all the time, you can do that when you’re older.😊

You’re old enough to decide your look! 

False eyelashes are fabulous at helping you reflect the mood you’re in. And we have the lashes to match your mood. Want to go for the natural look? No problem, we have the lash. What about ‘over the top’? We have the lash that other people who see you will never forget! So, don your lashes and get out and have some fun!