What’s the best way to get natural looking eyelashes?

July 30, 2021 2 min read

What’s the best way to get natural looking eyelashes?

Is there such a thing as natural beauty? Don’t worry you don’t need to look in the mirror, you already know your naturally gorgeous! But how do you get natural looking lashes that look fabulous and say on as you dance all night long? The secret is to choose a system that looks and feels natural and combine it with natural looking lashes.  

Nowadays there are 4 basic means of attachment: extensions, magnets, lifts and glue.  

Extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are individually hand-glued on top of your natural lashes and last as long as your lashes (about 3 months). They are super customizable so can be made to look as natural as you want. Although you might have to pop back to your local beauty salon every few weeks to get some ‘fill ins’ as your old lashes fall off.  

Magnetic lashes are easy to apply but have the tendency to be slightly heavy on the lid. Lifts don’t actually lengthen your lashes they just curl them with a perm so they look longer. Initially glue will keep your lashes in place (once you’ve gone through the sticky finger, sticky everything you touch phase) but they might not still be there after a busy day.  

And what’s the best natural looking eyelashes? 

One of the most popular recent lash band inventions is the clear or ‘invisible’ lash band. Being clear they blend seamlessly with your skin colour to make your lashes look more natural and effortless. But remember you’ll also need to attach your lash with a clear adhesive eyeliner otherwise you’ll lose some of that naturalness.  

They should also feel natural 

Now you have the look what about the feel? The first thing you should take into consideration is the shape of your eye. Are you a monolid or maybe a hooded? Your eye shape will determine your lash choice. Afterall no one wants lashes that are poking into the corners of their eyes. They should also feel comfortable and not cause any allergies – basically they should feel as if they belong! If they’re working well, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them which is good because you may want that natural look all day long. ☀️    

Say hello to SuperNatural Lashes! 

Our five BRAND NEW clear-band lashes combine all the best features of our lash tech with a new super natural look. Now you can give your innate gorgeousness a natural lift! These lashes are the MOST natural looking lashes on the market. Like our other lashes they are easy to apply, remove and clean. And their clear band enables flawless blending with your existing lashes. They’re waterproof & cruelty free and can be used up to a whopping 40x times! Naturally we think they would be perfect for you, so give them a go. 

A clear match for your Super Naturals 

Clear LinerBond PRO is a revolutionary eyeliner that holds your luscious lashes in place using nothing but its own adhesive strength and is the perfect partner for your new SuperNatural lashes. The liner is easy to use and only takes a few seconds to apply. Now that you have the lash and the adhesive eyeliner nothing can stop you getting that SuperNatural look. 😉