How do you get longer lashes that are not too thick?

August 02, 2021 1 min read

How do you get longer lashes that are not too thick?

Longer, natural looking lashes are the holy grail for beautiful eyes. So how do you get them? You could try giving your existing lashes a boost by applying a growth serum – no this isn’t some sort of potion brewed up by witches, but they do work like magic! Or you could try false lashes that have a clear strip so they look more natural. But make sure you choose lashes that fits your your gorgeous shaped eyes. 

Alternatively you could curl up and dye – by which we mean curl your existing lashes and add some mascara. Curling your lashes (learn how to do it like a pro here) will make them appear longer and a touch of mascara always draws some attention to your lovely lids.  

Natural lashes in an instant 

If you want a natural lash but don’t have the time to groom your lashes, we have the answer! Where is it? It’s in the stars. We’ve turned to the heavens for our inspiration. Our Astra (the ancient Greek Goddess of the five wandering stars) lashes come on a clear band, look natural and add length without being too thick. They’re also waterproof, super easy to clean and can be used up to 40 times. The stars are out! It’s time to grab one for yourself!   

These lashes are recommended for Almond, Hooded, Round, Down-turned, Wide-set and Deep-set eye shapes.