Are fake eyelashes reusable?

July 28, 2021 3 min read

Are fake eyelashes reusable?

A huge amount of love, care and attention go into creating the perfect lashes (at least that’s how it works at Silly!), but the good news is that once they arrive on your doorstep it only takes a fraction of that effort to keep them in great shape so that they can be used again and again. 

Follow our top tips and you’ll have lashes that are ready to rock day in day out. 

Make lashes last longer 

False lashes are designed to be reused but in addition to the quality of the product you’re buying (not all lashes are created equal) the number of wears you get also depends on the way you look after them. For lashes that keep their shape and their looks, think about these easy steps: 

1) Lashes Come Last 

Your lashes should always be the last step in your makeup routine.  Getting foundation or eyeshadow on them won’t help them stay fresh! If you’re using mascara, it’s better to apply it only to your natural lashes and then add your falsies. That’s because mascara can change their appearance and damage their shape.  

2) Use The Right Tools 

Make life easy for yourself and invest in an eyelash applicator. This clever piece of kit will allow you to delicately position and remove your lashes so you’ll crush your look not your lashes!  

3) Easy On The Glue 

You don’t want to spend the day worrying about your lashes coming off but thankfully modern adhesives pack a big punch in a very small package. This means you only need a light line over your eyelid for some seriously impressive hold. The bonus? They’ll come off smoothly at the end of the day and you’ll save bags of time when it comes to cleaning them. 

4) Remove Them Carefully 

Being a lash guru is a lot like being an Olympic gymnast: it’s all about the dismount. When you take them off, always start at the outer edge of the lashes, taking care to peel back the band itself from the eye rather than tugging on the lash tips. If you feel the band getting stuck, use a little baby oil and a cotton bud to loosen the adhesive before trying again.  

5) Keep Them Clean, Keep Them Mean 

There’s nothing like a refreshing shower to wash away the stress of a day and the same is true for your lashes. The glue that fixes many of the most common lashes in place can stick to them even after they’ve come off, making them brittle and more easily damaged. Once you’ve taken them off, start by using tweezers to remove any particularly glumpy bits of adhesive, then soak a cotton bud with a small amount of gentle makeup remover and softly brush the lashes clean.  

6) Tuck Them In Each Night 

Your lashes need some downtime too and for this it’s best to give them some space. After all, it only takes one blissful roll onto the cool side of the bed to put a kink in that perfect shape! Try to remove your lashes at the end of each day before you go to sleep and pop them in a box or a safe place.  

Want a shortcut? 

As you can see, getting the most out of your lashes involves a lot of de-gluing. But you can save yourself all this hassle by checking out our revolutionary LinerBondTM. It does away with that messy glue and instead holds your lashes in place with nothing more than its own adhesive strength for over 60 wears. Combine it with two of our gorgeous lash sets which you can reuse 30 times each as part of our Basic Bundle and you’ll be set for months!