Why beauty subscriptions are worth it?

July 27, 2021 3 min read

Why beauty subscriptions are worth it?

Seriously, how did this become a thing? Subscriptions used to be so… dull. You paid a subscription to distant entities like your mobile phone provider, the water company or the publishers of that magazine you kept forgetting to cancel (if you were unlucky enough to get cornered by someone with a clipboard and couldn’t bring yourself to break their heart by telling them up front that you didn’t actually want to subscribe to Small Hedge Lovers Monthly). 

But now having a subscription is positively sexy. Those vegan candles? Subscription. That fresh radicchio from a local farm? Subscription. The ridiculously chiselled features of Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page? You get the idea. 

So what’s behind this craze? And should you be signing up your looks for some regular TLC? We’ve got the answers.

The benefits of a subscription

  1. Ease - subscriptions do away with a lot of extra hassle. When you want something, whether it’s an on-demand series or oat milk in the fridge, subscriptions make it happen without you really having to lift a finger. The stuff you use regularly is just there, delivered to wherever you need it, no more effort or memory required.  
  2. Cost - I mean, who doesn’t like a cheeky discount? Subscriptions are good for brands since it helps them to manage stock and time the delivery of orders and that’s good for consumers too because it means lower prices. When it comes to things you’re buying often, a small monthly saving can quickly add up!
  3. Perks - subscriptions get you on the inside. Many brands will offer their subscribers special gifts, limited edition products or early access to new ranges. It’s just like being a regular at a bar, every time you come back you’ll be welcomed with open arms! 

But does this work for beauty?

Er…yes! But hang on, as there are actually two kinds of beauty subscription out there.

Your One Night Wonders

Step inside the intoxicating world of the beauty box; the beauty equivalent of single life. Each month you’re sent a box featuring a changing selection of products, from well-loved classics to niche finds. It’s the perfect way to trial something new without having to invest in the full size set whilst you also save time letting some very clever experts do the curation for you.

Your One & Only

After months of fairly painful searching, you’ve finally found it. It’s perfect, it just works, it makes you, you. It’s time to enjoy it! Once you come across THE mascara or the serum that works miracles, many brands will take the stress out of reordering for you by delivering your core products automatically. They even offer subscriptions tailored to your usage, so say goodbye to that pre-party panic when you realise you really can’t squeeze anything more out of that liner and get everything you need right on time - without even leaving the sofa :) 

Ready to be exclusive?

If you’ve fallen in love with our revolutionary LinerBond or you can’t get enough of our oh-so-effortless lashes, we want to make them even easier for you to enjoy. That’s why we’re rolling out our subscription service across all of our liner and serum products, so keeping your Silly George essentials topped up now takes nothing more than a single click. 

With options of 2 and 3 months, or 6 for our fab serum, you can pick the plan to suit your lifestyle.

Oh and did we mention - you’ll also get 15% off* each delivery AND a free gift with your first delivery!  

So why not cross one thing off that to-do list and sign up now? Just click here! 

*All subscription plan prices are in USD