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Why are my eyelashes falling out?

January 28, 2022 2 min read

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Different factors contribute to lash loss so stay ahead of the game and find out how you can keep your lashes healthy and happy.  

What’s causing your lashes to shed? 

From your daily cleansing routine to your diet, many of the things that can affect your lashes are actually within your control.

1) Rubbing – Your lashes can put up with a lot of rough and tumble during an average day, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. If you're in the habit of rubbing your lashes, maybe through stress or because you find a product you use itches your lash line, this can weaken the connection between lash and root and make them more likely to shed.

2) Bad Beauty Habits – Leaving mascara on your lashes overnight can cause them to become brittle which means they will break more easily. Curlers are great for an instant pick-me-up but make sure you’re using them correctly otherwise they can damage your lashes.

3) Diet – Your eyelashes are hair and the nutrients that these cells need to stay strong and healthy depend on your diet. Make sure you’re getting plenty of proteins, fruits, vegetables and iron in your weekly intake.

4) Bacteria – it's important to clean your lashes regularly to prevent bacteria from building up which can harm your lashes. Blepharitis is an inflammation that occurs when oil glands along your lash line become clogged and this can damage the follicles which support your lashes. 

5) Glues & Extensions – many old-school false lashes (not ours!) require a strong glue to hold them in place, as do lash extensions. The toxins in these glues can harm your lashes and also cause them to clump, making them more likely to shed.

6) Allergies – if you find you get regular inflammations or irritation along your lash line, you could be allergic to some of the ingredients in the makeup you are using. Frequent flare ups can sap the life out of your lashes, so if you notice a recurring problem with a particular product, stop using it straightaway.  

Your Natural Lash Cycle 

Of course, you could be doing everything right and still noticing the odd lash or two falling out each day. If you are, don’t worry. Lashes go through a natural lifecycle and shedding is a necessary stage to allow a new lash to grow in the old one’s place.  

What can I do?  

If you’re experienced lash loss and want to restore your lash line to its former glory, the best thing to use is a Lash Growth Serum. Growth Serums are clinically formulated to boost lash growth and ours will give you results in just six weeks!