Best False Lashes for Your Star Sign: Cancer

September 08, 2022 2 min read

Best False Lashes for Your Star Sign: Cancer

If you were born between June 21st  and July 22nd,that makes your star signCancer! A water sign in the zodiacrepresented by the form of a crab,Cancers are known for their intensity, which can make them hugely charismatic and likeable, but also at times moody or possessive.  

But what does all this mean for your lashes? 

In this blog, we’ve picked three of the best false lashes for three classicCancer personality traits.  

So, are you ready for your lash horoscope? Read on to find out more! 


Cancer is ruled by the moon and, in the zodiac system, the moon is a symbol of emotions, nurturing relationships, and intuition. That’s why a Cancer makes the perfect friend for a deep meaningful conversation: they already know what you’re feeling. If that sounds like you, then this kind of soft, open approach to life calls for a lash that’s cute and welcoming. Something that gives you a low-key lift but won’t harden your look. Something like our Cassiopeia SuperNatural Lash...

Cassiopeia SuperNatural Lash 


  • Clear band for a natural, approachable look 
  • Medium volume adds thickness without overwhelming your lash line 
  • Even length for a consistent, clean finish


Water signs like Cancer are associated with depth which is why Cancers are often seriously engaging, charismatic people. If you often look around at a party and find that you’re setting the energy of the room, then you’re going to want a lash which will give you a seductive, sultry gaze.  Well, look no further than our Girl Overboard Lash... 

Girl Overboard Lash 


  • Black band adds drama 
  • Longer lashes increase the sense of depth 
  • Medium volume darkens the lash line but won’t weigh you down 


We can’t be perfect all the time (plus, where would the fun be in that?) and every now and then people around us just need a little reminding as to where the boundaries lie. Maybe someone has taken credit for your work. Maybe somebody has been talking behind your back. Well, it’s payback time! Set course for confrontation by picking a lash which will bring out that boss babe within you. The best place to start? Our Girl On Fire Lash... 

Girl On Fire Lash 


  • Our longest lash, for instant impact 
  • Even length keeps strength along entire lash line 
  • Cluster pattern for a wilder finish  

So go on, let that inner you out to play 😊