The Best Lashes for Asian Eyes

September 09, 2022 2 min read

The Best Lashes for Asian Eyes

When people talk about ‘Asian’ eyes they’re really talking about a specific kind of eye shape common amongst people in Asia which is also called monolid.  

But what does this shape look like in practice and does it mean that certain false lashes will suit you better than others? 

Read on to find out! 

Do I Have Asian Eyes? 

You have Asian eyes if...  

  • You don’t have a crease above your eyelid when your eyes are open  
  • The top and bottom of your iris are hidden 

Which lashes should I buy? 

Asian eyes have amazing width which most girls would kill for, so, if that’s your style, then you don't need to worry about trying to broaden your gaze. Instead, all you want to do is add a little depth to your lash line. Adding depth will make your lash line more prominent, which will really accentuate your natural width and make your eyes simply irresistible! 

How do I add depth? 

There are two different approaches you can take:

1) Go for even volume 

Even volume lashes will gradually build length and thickness along your lash line, giving you a really consistent finish that dials up the drama. In music terms, it’s like driving along in your car and turning that song up to max volume: you’re definitely going to attract attention. 


Girl Goals Lash 

Astra SuperNatural Lash 

2) Try layering 

Layering lashes are lashes which have clusters spread across the band. Instead of a consistent boost across your natural lash line, what you get is more pronounced bursts of volume. Sounds like it would look really obvious, right? In fact, this kind of staccato lash distribution actually blends more easily with your natural lashes, so go for this option if you want a subtler finish. 


Girl Crush Lash 

Aurora SuperNatural Lash 

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