Top tips for each eye shape

August 13, 2021 3 min read

Top tips for each eye shape

Finding the perfect set of lashes for your eyes is made a lot easier when you know the shape of your eyes. The perfect lash will bring out the best in your eyes and frame them in a way that will make them look even more fabulous.  

So, do you already know your shape? The answer will be staring back at you the next time you look in the mirror. There are 5 main shapes of eye, and we can help you identify which one you are. We’ll also suggest a matching lash type and give you some makeup tips.  

Deep-Set eyes 

Deep-set eyes are as the name suggests set slightly deeper into the face giving the appearance of a more prominent brow bone. Because your eyes are slightly hidden under a strong brow and have the freedom to be more dramatic without overpowering the rest of the face, you could go for longer lashes. 

Since you have beautiful deep-set eyes you should focus on finding ways to make your eyes stand out from the shadows and look brighter and more engaged.  

Monolid eyes 

If your eyes are open (you should be looking in the mirror now) and you can’t see the crease of the eye you have a monolid – as opposed to people who do have a crease and have a double lid. This eye shape is common amongst Asian women. And to make the most of your eyes go for top-heavy styles that complement your shape and choose multi-layered lashes to open up the eyes. 

You have stunning monolid eyes so don’t spoil them by trying to create a crease. And as a general rule of thumb you should invest in waterproof makeup that won’t rub off.  

Hooded eyes 

They say that it’s what’s under the hood that counts, and if you have a prominent brow and your eyelids are hidden when open - you have hooded eyes. Picking the wrong lashes can make your eyes look small and pulled down. So go for long and fluttery lashes to lift and brighten your eyes. 

You need to take special care of your remarkable hooded eyes and you should make sure you use eye makeup primer to reduce smudging. Choose a light eye shadow to bring your eyes forward and apply all over the lid to create the illusion you have more lid space. 

Almond eyes 

Almond eyes are not necessarily brown in colour but they are almond shaped. So if they are slightly pointed at the ends and with a wider centre where the curve of the iris is hidden by the lower and upper lids – you have almond eyes. These are also lucky eyes as they will suit almost any type of lash.  

With almond shaped eyes you can really pull off some dramatic looks, from graphic liner to a bold, sharp cut crease. To add dimension to their shape try using black eyeliner on  

your upper lids and a lighter colour under your bottom lashes. It's a subtle change that will accentuate your eye colour 

Round eyes 

Round eyes are large and circular, and the cornea is surrounded by a white ring. The inner and outer corners of round eyes are rounded and not pulled inwards or outwards. So you should choose lashes that will lift or elongate your eyes and that are longer on the outer corners. 

Your big, bold, beautiful round eyes need you to balance out their width by adding some length. You can do this with eyeshadow. Simply blend the eyeshadow outward towards the tail of your brow, always blending your eyeshadow from the outside towards the middle of the eye in a horizontal line, this will add dimension. 

The shape of things to come 

Now you know your eye shape you can pick your favourite lash from our Silly George range of luscious lashes. We suggest a longer lash like SG Girl Overboard for those of you with deep-set or hooded eyes to bring your eyes forward. 

For almond eyes you should try SG Girl Boss to give added volume and for monolid eyes go for criss-cross and wispy lashes with SG Girl Crush. That just leaves the round eyes who can make a splash in the city with SG Girl About Town for an elongated, almond-like effect.