What is your natural lash length?

August 13, 2021 2 min read

What is your natural lash length?

False eyelashes can you give you the look you've always dreamed of, but did you know that a certain length of false eyelash will look better on you than others depending on what style you want to achieve?  

As a rule of thumb false eyelashes come in 3 sizes. Short, medium or long. The choice of length depends on what you have planned for the day/night ahead. The shorter lashes look more natural and the medium are natural with a bit of mascara feel. If you go long or extra-long – clear the decks, you’re going big or you’re going home!   

Your natural lash length will give you a good indication of which lash would be the most flattering (depending on the circumstances). And the length of lash is also important when it comes to your natural lashes supporting your false ones. 

How to get the right length?  

Size does matter when it comes to finding the perfect length of lash to make your eyes sparkle, so you should always check your false lashes against your real ones before attaching.  

Simply pick up your false lashes and place the tapered end against your lash line about a quarter of an inch from the corner of your eye. If they extend out further than your eyes, then you should give them a trim.  

You should also size your lashes for each eye individually, instead of measuring one and then cutting the other to match.  Sometimes your eyelashes grow differently on each eye, and you don’t want to ruin an eyelash. Another tip - don’t forget to prep your eye by curling your lashes and applying mascara.  

Will my eye shape affect my choice of eyelash? 

You bet. Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and the same length of lash will look completely different on contrasting eye shapes. Those of you with deep-set eyes may want to go for a longer lash than someone with prominent eyes, this is because the lashes won’t show if they are too short.  

Those of you with large prominent or protruding eyes may find that you don’t need to go so long to make an impression and going a little shorter can be more flattering and elegant. If you’re not sure what shape your eyes have a look in the mirror and then check out our blog posts on eye shapes.   

 Comfort and Joy 

Once you have determined your eye shape you should consider choosing a lash that’s going to keep you in your comfort zone and bring you joy – i.e., you should hardly know that you’re wearing it, it should look amazing and you shouldn’t have to spend anytime reattaching it. 

At Silly George we go to almost any lengths to ensure that you have the right length of lash. So if you have almond shaped eyes try SG Girl Boss lash, a bold lash style that will give your almond eyes some serious volume. And for those of you that have more deep-set eyes you could go for something longer like SG Girl Friday.