What is your mood style?

August 13, 2021 2 min read

What is your mood style?

Are you in the mood for dancing, romancing or working out? Your choice of lash can reflect the mood you are in or the personality that you want to project.  

Perhaps you fancy a quiet night in with the girls but with the possibility of hitting a few clubs later on – no problem. Your choice of lashes will work for both.  

Got an important meeting at work and want to look elegant but not too over the top? Your lashes can convey sophistication without drawing too much attention.  

We have suggestions for 4 looks that should have you covered for any occasion – whether it be popping down to the shops to stock up on supplies or vamping it up at your local nightclub. 


You’ve just arrived in the big city from the countryside and you’re as natural as the breeze in the trees and the water in the mountain stream. People notice your eyes but they have no idea that you’ve added some lashes. You’re a Natural!  

This look is all about the subtle accentuation of your existing lashes so you need to be sure to apply your false lashes onto your actual lashes otherwise there will be a gap that going to look anything but natural! 

Also make sure you go for a lash that looks natural - like silk which is softer and more flexible and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.  

Classic Elegant  

Here ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ meets ‘The Devil wears Prada’. Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth but that’s not a problem because you’re holding a long-stemmed glass filled with bubbly.  

This elegance is created using a medium length lash that has been blended in with your natural lashes making your eyes look sophisticated but not over made-up. Ideally it should look as if you’ve just added a bit of mascara not a whole new set of lashes. 


You’re the Belle of the Ball and the Queen of the Show. Marylin Monroe at her glamourous peak would have turned her head to take a look at you. You’re oozing gorgeousness while at the same time keeping things refined.  

To bring a bit of Hollywood to your local boulevard you need go bold and beautiful. You don’t need to double lid, but you should for something long and full. You could even grab some liquid eyeliner and create a super sharp wing.  

Over the top 

Dial up the style, turn up the volume and hold on tight! Think of the excess of the Rocky Horror Show with the over-the-top styling of a new fashion designer. You’re out to be seen and everyone knows it! 

Your eyes are the stars of the show, and they should be fun and flirty. This means going long and doubling up so you have lashes on both lids. Adding some dramatic eye makeup will also provide the icing on your party cake.  

Get in the mood 

You decide on the mood, and we’ll provide you with the corresponding lash. For instance, if you want a more natural look try SG Girl Next Door (although she is anything but ordinary). Or if you want to make a statement with your eyes pop on a pair of SG Girl Overboard lashes – because too much is never enough!