What is the perfect fit for your eyes?

August 17, 2021 1 min read

What is the perfect fit for your eyes?

Ok, we’re already on slightly rocky ground because can anything be really perfect? Is there such thing as the perfect partner or the perfect car for you? Well, as we always say - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and if you think the products you’ve chosen to use on your eyes are perfect as you look in the mirror, then we’re certainly not going to argue with your gorgeous self!  

How do you find the perfect fit? 

In order to go about this process properly you don’t have to look deep into yourself, you just need to look at your eyes. There are several variables that are going to affect your choice of products (false eyelashes, mascara and makeup).  

The first is the shape of your eye and if you’re not sure, no worries, we have a blog all about this. The next is the natural length of your lashes. Do you have long luscious lashes or are they short and particularly sweet? Find out here. Now what’s the mood that you’re going for? Do want your public to be cheering from the rafters or just raising an eyebrow at your seamless elegance? Again, we can help you with that 😊

Take the fast track! 

To make your life easier we have a short quiz for you (only 4 questions). All you do is enter all the relevant info about lash size etc. and then our massive computer will work out - in the blink of an eye - the perfect products for your beautiful eyes! 

Click here to take the Quiz.