Do eyelashes grow back?

August 11, 2021 1 min read

Do eyelashes grow back?

When things are gone, are they gone forever? Can you really find true love again, or what about that one red sock that went missing? There is a myth that if you pluck all your eyelashes off, they will never regrow, could this be true? Well, we’re not sure about true love (although we’re sure it won’t be a problem for you, gorgeous) and you can probably forget about that sock but there is good news about your eyelashes. 

Eyelashes like all the other hairs that grow out of your body (wanted or unwanted) are made of keratin and – drum roll… will grow back after 6 weeks if you lose them! You can lose them if you treat them badly – like vigorous eye rubbing or rough makeup application and removal. The best way to prevent them from falling out is to care for them properly with regular cleaning and a little growth serum. 

Did someone mention growth serum? 

Yes, we did! Growth serums actually help to accelerate the natural growth of your eyelashes but stimulating the follicle and giving you longer, thicker, more voluminous eyelashes in just four weeks! There are a lot of growth serums out there but not many of them are toxin & cruelty free and vegan – like ours. Why not give it a go? It also works on eyebrows, so you get 2 growth serums and only have to buy 1!