Do we really lose more lashes in summer?

August 11, 2021 2 min read

Do we really lose more lashes in summer?

Whether you’re heading for the airport or just the wine shop down the road this summer, you’ll still want to look the part. But can those fun-filled days and balmy summer nights take a toll on your lashes? 

Should my lashes be falling out full stop?  

Don’t worry: lash loss is perfectly natural. Your lashes aren't supposed to stay with you your whole life, instead they go through their own lifecycle which lasts around 6-8 months. This is the time it takes a new lash to emerge, grow, rest and eventually fall out (check out our blog which covers the lash lifecycle in more detail).  

This means your eyelashes are always in a state of constant renewal.  

Does summer have an impact?

No. There’s no hard evidence to suggest that lash loss increases over the summer months. If you do notice that you’re losing more lashes than usual, here are some common causes:

1) Accidental Damage 

If you’re a little too rough when removing makeup, taking off your false eyelashes or cleansing your face then it’s possible to damage your lashes.

2) Blepharitis 

Blepharitis is an infection of the eyelids which can cause lash loss. It’s easily avoided by cleaning your eyelids daily.

3) Nutrition 

Not getting enough key nutrients like iron can cause hair loss, so keep can diet balanced.

4) Mascara Allergy 

If your skin disagrees with some of the ingredients in your mascara, it could cause your eyelashes to shed.

5) Hyperactive thyroid 

This might sound serious, but don’t worry – one in eight women will develop some kind of thyroid problem during their lifetime and it is very treatable. You can check by having a blood test.  

How can I get my lashes ready for summer? 

Summer doesn’t change your lashes, but it does change your lifestyle. It’s time to say goodbye to cold nights in and get ready for the beach party season! 

One of the best ways to keep your lashes long and strong over the summer months is to use a Growth Serum. Our specially-formulated serum is designed to stimulate your hair follicles and nourish your lashes, boosting growth and decreasing loss and damage.  

And if you're heading out in a set of beauty-enhancing lashes and you’re worried that glue isn’t going to survive the beach heat, you need our revolutionary LinerBondPRO It’s the only eyeliner that holds your lashes in place with its own adhesive strength and it’s water, wind and sweat resistant. 

That’s summer sorted!