Magnetic Lashes vs Adhesive Eyeliner: Who Wins?

September 12, 2022 3 min read

Magnetic Lashes vs Adhesive Eyeliner: Who Wins?

True or false: did you let out a big sigh of relief when you stopped having to use glue to hold your lashes in place? Of course you did. I mean, it’s not exactly easy to give off boss-babe vibes when your lashes are clumped with gluey gunk, or is it! 

But that raises an important question: of all the clever substitutes that the lash industry has invented to replace glue, which comes out on top? In this blog, we compare the two most successful lash application techniques in this brave, post-glue world. 

That's right, it’s magnetic lashes vs adhesive eyeliners in a winner-takes-all clash for the right to liven up your lash line – read on!

First, let’s tackle the basics... 

What are magnetic lashes? 

  • Magnetic lashes have a line of magnets along the lash band 
  • For some, you have to apply one magnetic lash above your natural lashes and one below, then clip them together. 
  • For others, you apply a magnetic eyeliner before adding a single magnetic lash on top 
  • Either way, the lashes are then held in place by magnetic attraction. 

What is adhesive eyeliner? 

  • An eyeliner and lash applicator all-in-one 
  • Glue is derived naturally from plants; an adhesive is a man-made version of a glue 
  • That’s good, because it can be designed with different properties, meaning i.e so that it holds things in place without creating any sticky mess! 
  • Plus, because it comes as an eyeliner, it’s super easy to apply 

Are magnetic lashes safe? 

Magnetic lashes might seem like a pretty slick solution, but they do come with their own problems. 

1) Magnetic lashes contain magnets which are heavy and can drag down on your natural lash roots

2) Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides which can provoke a reaction amongst people with sensitive skin.

3) Magnetic eyeliner usually comes in liquid form. If you’re not careful, it is easy for the eyeliner to run onto your natural lashes and damage them

Are adhesives a good alternative to magnetic lashes? 

Yes! Adhesives are dermatologically tested to be safe on sensitive skin, they will hold your lashes in place all day without weighing them down, and because they come with a felt-tip pen eyeliner applicator, there’s absolutely no spillage. 

Is it time for me to stop using magnetic lashes? 

Once again, it’s a yes! Here at Silly George, we love our magnetic lashes just as much as anyone. We even used to make some gorgeous magnetic lashes of our own. But with the increasing sophistication of adhesives, it’s clear they now stand head and shoulders above magnetic lashes. In fact, that’s why we’ve discontinued our magnetic lash range in favour of our revolutionary LinerBond Lash System

Magnetics vs Adhesives: The Chart 






If you use 2-set magnetic lashes, you’ve got twice the work! 


If you use magnetic eyeliner, it needs 2 minutes to dry before you can apply your lash 

No drying time 


Instant application 



Heavier lash band weighs on lashes  

Lighter product, more comfortable to wear 










Magnetism fades over time 








Retains hold over time 



Thicker, more noticeable join  

Slimmer, more natural join  



Special makeup remover required due to the iron oxide in magnetic eyeliner 

Easily removed by any makeup remover 



Only available in darker tones 

Available in tones ranging from clear to black 



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