The best makeup colors for our SuperNatural Lashes

March 02, 2023 2 min read

The best makeup colors for our Supernatural Lashes

Our SuperNatural Lashes are unique because they all come with a clear band. This means you can create dozens of different natural looks with makeup or mascara without any tell-take black bands to give you away.  

Check out the full SuperNatural range and you’ll discover long lashes, short lashes, and lashes for every eye shape. It’s easy! 

But once you’ve got your SuperNatural Lashes, you’ll want to find the perfect makeup and mascara combinations to accentuate that natural volume. 

Luckily, with these quick tips, you’ll have the world gazing into your eyes in no time! 

Which makeup colors work best with SuperNatural Lashes? 

Makeup and mascara are so often dictated to you by your lashes - but our SuperNatural range puts the power back in your hands. Want gorgeous lashes but don’t want to wear mascara? Fine! Looking for easy solutions rather than putting your eyes through a whole two-hour production? You can find them! 

Long or short, natural or glamorous, this selection of tones will complement your SuperNatural Lashes perfectly.  

All you need to decide, is what look you’re going for... 

Breezy Beauty Vibes

Nobody wakes up perfect, but it sure does look like Samantha next door just breezes out of her house without a second spent on her makeup looking both natural and beautiful. She makes it look so easy! Well, now you can too: 

  • Stick to natural, neutral hues for a ‘nude’ effect - and branch out into short bursts of faint pinks if you’re feeling a bit more daring. 
  • This palette will create a healthy glow effect which is perfect for our all-day-long SuperNatural Lashes like Astra and Cassiopeia 

Dazzling Daisy Vibes 

If you want your eyes to really flutter but worry about having short natural lashes, it’s easy to up the ante a little by combining your falsies with the right makeup: 

  • Move into a slightly more defined color spectrum with peach and coral tones. Add soft long brushes of brown eyeshadow for definition or a short dash of gold shimmer for a more playful look. 
  • This palette will work wonders with long SuperNatural lash options like Halley or Luna 

Showstopper Vibes 

Whether you’re dressing up for a new job or for a new bar you want to check out, these makeup colors will help your eyes command respect:  

  • When we say bolder shades we don’t mean the traditional red - instead try pairing bright pinks and yellows or metallic gold and bronze to create truly striking eyes. 
  • This palette needs strong lashes that won’t be overawed - so we’d recommend matching it with our most voluminous lash options Aurora or Nova 

So, there you have it, an easy selection of colors to choose from, and notevenonce did wemention the traditional black mascara!