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Are Lash Growth Serums safe?

March 07, 2023 2 min read

Are Lash Growth Serums safe?

Lash Serums are really pretty neat. In fact, the right Lash Serum can boost your natural lash growth in just weeks, giving your lash line extra length and volume without any extra effort. But to many people this might sound almost too good to be true. The natural question is – are they safe? What are the side effects?

Are they safe for my natural lashes?

Are they safe for my skin?

Are they safe for people with allergies?

Are they safe for my eyes?

In this quick review, we break down everything you need to know to stay safe while getting the best natural growth results. Read on to find out more!

Are Lash Serums safe?

The quick answer is yes! The best Lash Serums should be dermatologically tested to ensure they do no harm to your eyes, skin or natural lashes in the process of boosting growth.

But it’s still worth following these simple steps to ensure you aren’t putting yourself or your lashes at risk:

1) Check the small print on your Lash Serum

When buying your Lash Serum, start by looking to see what claims the product is making. Does it carry a ‘no toxins’ label? Does it say that it is hypoallergenic? Does it come fragrance-free? As with most things in life, simple is best when it comes to Lash Serum, so if you don’t see these guarantees that the ingredients have been carefully formulated not to irritate your skin or harm your lashes with no nasty side effects, then steer clear.

2) Read the reviews

Customers know best! Most websites have reviews written by real users which will immediately let you know if the Lash Serum you are looking at is safe. Keep an eye out for any side effects that people mention and remember that it’s always best to check several reviews to make sure you are getting a balanced view.

3) Patch test

Try using a small amount of the Lash Serum first to check it is safe before applying more widely. People with sensitive skin should avoid products that come with fragrances or essential oils.

4) How to deal with reactions

If you notice a reaction after using your Lash Serum then it’s best to see your dermatologist before continuing use. Side effects can include inflamed, irritated or itchy skinorbrittle or dry lashes.

If any of the Lash Serum gets into your eyes and irritates them, just flush your eyes with clean plain water.

What We’ve Covered

Although it is usually completely safe to use a Lash Serum to boost growth, you can avoid nasty side effects by following the simple steps above.

The Best Option

The Silly George Lash Growth Serum is free of irritating toxins and fragrances plus it has been specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. Try it today and you can see results in just 6 weeks!