The original magnetic lash system. Dual lashes use two layers of feather light lashes that clamp together over your natural lashes to give you that extra volume and length.

Great for ladies who are not lovers of liner or much makeup, and don’t mind spending a few extra minutes learning the knack of applying the lashes. See more about the dual lash here. (link to how to dual lash).

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Our dual lash system lashes are nearly identical to our best-selling lashes over the last few years BUT with some key improvements:

  1. They now come with specialised handy-dandy application tweezers in every box.
  2. The bottom layer comes in 3 pieces. Yes, you heard that right- you spoke, we listened! This makes them about 100x easier to apply.

Choose from the you-won’t-believe-they’re-not-real Dailies to the pack-a-punch Originals to the woah-Nelly Dramas, get ready to bat your eyelids with the best of them.

One cost for many wears, simple to snap on, gentle as a dove and vegan to boot.

You’re welcome.

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