Step out in confidence with Silly George Magnetic Lashes! 

Weightless, long-lasting, and easy to apply - our Dual Strip Magnetic Lashes uses two layers of featherlight lashes that safely clamp over your natural lashes for instant volume and length. Hate using glue? Magnetic lashes are for you! The best part? They are designed for multiple wears and stay put until you decide to take them off!

Feel the difference of these delicate lashes as they lift your lash game without weighing your lids down. These lashes are so lightweight that they’ll feel like your own! Soft and flexible, our vegan Magnetic Lashes are made from the highest quality synthetic material and are naturally cruelty-free. They are also extremely durable. No more mirror checks or asking your girlfriend if your lashes are still in place, these fluttery babies will withstand all types of environments and day-to-day activities.

You also have the choice of 3 incredible lash styles, so that you can easily go from a natural day look to a glamorous night look:

  • ‘The Dailies’lash set gives your lashes a natural boost. Think ‘mine, but better’ lashes.
  • ‘The Originals’are the perfect day-to-night lash. Suitable for all makeup looks and eye shapes.
  • The Drama’ gives you bold voluminous lashes in seconds. Our highest volume lash guaranteed to bring the drama to any eye look. Clip-on and go! That’s how easy it is to have long, full, and beautiful looking eyelashes every day.

When you choose Dual Strip Magnetic Lashes, you have the flexibility of choosing your method of application. The bottom layer of our Magnetic Lashes is a single strip that can be applied as a full strip or cut into 3 pieces for even easier application. It’s up to you!

When applying magnetic lashes for the first time, you might find it a bit tricky. But don’t worry - practice makes perfect! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to apply your lashes in no time at all! We’ve made a demo video to help guide you through the process. As always, if you ever find yourself stuck you can always contact us - we offer 24/7 customer support.

If you’re the type of girl who craves the look of va-va-voom lashes but hates the thought of lash glue or expensive extensions, then you’ll love magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes are better than other types of false lashes since they don’t require any glue around the eye area. This is helpful for anyone who finds glue irritating to their eyes or just plain annoying to use! These lash extensions are also ideal for beginners, giving you an affordable way to have that long lash look day in, day out! Our Magnetic Lashes are 100% safe and hypoallergenic, suitable for daily use without irritation or harm to your natural lashes. Win-win!

We promise you’ll love wearing our Silly George Magnetic Lashes so much that we even give a 30-day money-back guarantee! Go on girl, bat those lashes and be your most bold and fabulous self!