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Dual Lash System How-To Video


LinerBond System How-To Video

 Special credit and thanks to Marie from @flawless_in_five

We know these instructions below look a bit much, but they're really not! There's a few things that make a big difference (like cleaning oils of your eyelid first), but most of it is tips that will help them go on like buttery magic. 

So please go through the following step-by-step the first time you apply your LinerBond Lashes, and the next time you wear them, it will be:
Line. Pop On. Go! (Literally, in like, 2 minutes!)




Hold your lashes up to your eye to size them up, and using sharp precise scissors (the ones that come in our Lash Application Kit are perfect) trim any excess off the outer edge. Trim in small increments (you can't undo a cut)!

Tip: Depending on the look you’re after, some choose to cut their lashes into a ⅔ size (still cutting only the outer edge).


Cleaning Eyes:

LinerBond will not hold properly to oily eyelids.  It is essential that you clean your eye with a non-oil based cleanser prior to applying your eyeshadow or LinerBond. A good eye primer is also helpful. If you do not have a good non-oil based cleanser, check out our Lid & Lash Cleanser.


Rolling Lashes:

Before first application, give our lashes a gentle little roll (as demonstrated in the video), focusing on softening the inner edge. A stiff band will have more tendency to ping off at the inner corner.


Curling and Mascara:

For those who like to curl and apply mascara to their natural lashes, we recommend doing that before applying your lashes.  This prevents mascara buildup on your LinerBond Lashes, which will give them a longer life.




Shake Well!

Apply LinerBond as you would any other liquid eyeliner. You only need a line as thick as your lash band. Add a bit extra to your inner corner (for good measure).

If you prefer a thicker line, or a fancy wing, you have 2 options to prevent sticking and smudging on your upper eyelid:

1) You can do your thick line & wing with your normal eyeliner, and just use a thin line of LinerBond over top for your lashes

2) You can use LinerBond for it all, and dust over some translucent powder on any exposed LinerBond after you have applied your lashes


*Note: Clear LinerBond needs about 30-50 seconds to bond to your lash line before it's ready for lashes! 



Grab your lashes with your fingers or tweezers, line them up to your eye. Here is where people find different ways of going it, but we prefer to start with the inner corner, pressing and holding it down in place for a few seconds, before moving on to the inner and outer part of the band.

Tip: Many find Lash Tweezers a Godsend. They do a fantastic job of keeping your fingers from your vision, allowing you to see what you're doing! (Also available in our Lash Application Kit).

Tip: When pulling the band across after securing the inner corner, check your tension. Too tight and you’ll feel it pulling on your eyelid, too loose and you’ll have gaps.



If repositioning of the lash is required, additional LinerBond touch-up may be required. (Some get away with repositioning without a touch-up, but we recommend the touch-up to make sure your lashes stay on all day).



After you gently peel off your lashes, use your favorite eye-makeup remover to remove LinerBond. Lid and Lash Cleanser does the job perfectly. Micellar water and baby oil work really well too.

Your lashes can be popped back into their clear tray, ready for your next use (no crusty glue to peel off - yay!) 

Tip: To help preserve the life of your lashes we recommend cleaning any buildup on your lash band every 5 or so times you wear them. To do that, you can gently use a Q-Tip/ cotton bud with a non-oil based eye makeup remover, or our Lid & Lash Cleanser. With gentle handling and proper care, we expect that you will get 30+ uses out of your lashes!