The Ultimate Guide: What is my eye shape?

August 03, 2023 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide: What is my eye shape?

If you want to take your false eyelash game to the next level, then knowing what eye shape you are is super important. Why? Because your eye shape determines the type of false eyelash you should be wearing.

But a quick glance at Google will tell you that no one seems to agree about what the different eye shapes are called or even how many there are. That’s why we decided to produce this definitive guide to eye shapes! Plus, we’ve included a special chart to help you pair your eye shape with the perfect false eyelashes.

So, now you can get all the accurate information you need from one trusty source.

In this guide we are going to cover:

  • The different types of eye shape
  • How to work out which type of eye shape you are
  • The perfect false eyelash pairings for each eye shape

Ready? Let’s do it!

The different types of eye shape

Let’s kick off this guide with the basics. There are five main eye shapes which are commonly recognised by most doctors and brands:

1) Hooded Eyes
2) Monolid Eyes
3) Deep-Set Eyes
4) Round Eyes
5) Almond Eyes

So, what makes them different? Take a look!

Hooded Eyes, Monolid Eyes, Deep-Set Eyes, Round Eyes, Almond Eyes.

How to work out which eye shape you are

The next stage in our guide is working out which eye shape you are. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Find yourself a mirror

Place the mirror at eye height, about a forearm’s length away from your face. Keep your chin level.

2) Check if you have a crease

If your eyelid is visible, but you don’t have a crease, then you have monolid eyes. If your eyelid is hidden completely by your brow, then you have hooded eyes. If you notice a ‘crease’ where your eyelid meets the roof of the eye socket, then proceed to step three.

3) Look at the centre of your eye

Your eye is made up of two main zones: the iris, which is the coloured circle in the middle of your eyes, and the white area around it. Look closely at your eye. Can you see white showing above and below the iris? If you can, then you have round eyes.

Can you only see white below the iris, but not above? If so, then there are two final options in step four.

4) Check the size of your eyelid

If your eyelid looks small, then you have deep-set eyes If your eyelid is more prominent, then you have almond eyes!

Now that we’ve gone through how to determine your eye shape, let’s check out our guide to the perfect false eyelash pairings for each eye shape.

Our guide to the perfect false eyelash pairings for each eye shape

To help you find the right type of eyelash for different eye shapes, we’ve put together a simple pairing chart. Remember, all eye shapes are beautiful, there are no winners! But getting the most out of your eye shape means knowing exactly how to accentuate it.

False Eyelash Pairing Chart 

Eye Shape 

Everyday Look 

How To Make It WOW 

Recommended Lashes 


Hooded Eyes 

Dainty eyes that put the attention on your lower lash line 

Use high volume eyelashes to balance out your natural bottom lashes 

Girl Overboard, Nova SuperNatural

Monolid Eyes 

Elegant, narrower eyes 

Use top-heavy eyelashes to reinforce your shape 

Girl Crush, Cassiopeia Supernatural 

Deep-Set Eyes 

Mysterious eyes that are slightly hidden by the brow. 

Use longer eyelashes to bring your eyes forward 

Girl on Fire, Halley SuperNatural

Round Eyes 

Beautifully symmetrical eyes  

Use wide-angle eyelashes that build length outwards 

Girl About Town, Luna SuperNatural

Almond Eyes 

Sweet eyes that suit many looks 

Use dramatic burst eyelashes to add more intensity 

Girl Boss, Aurora SuperNatural

Find this chart useful? Why not share it with your friends and help them chart their way to lash perfection.


Now that you’ve read this guide, you’re ready to start mixing and matching your false lashes to suit your eye shape. And with two different lashes to enjoy, our Basic Bundle kits are a great place to start!

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