Top 10 Reasons to Wear False Lashes

August 09, 2023 3 min read

Top 10 Reasons to Wear False Lashes

Hey there! If you’re wondering what an everyday set of false lashes could do for you then you’ve come to the right place. There are so many reasons to throw on a falsie that we could go on for hours, but we’ve thought long and hard to get it down to the top ten incredible reasons you should never leave the house without them.

Be warned – by the end of this blog you will almost definitely be an everyday false lash user!

Top 10 Reasons

1) Reason One – They Look Amazing

False lash technology has been completely revolutionised over the last decade. The false lashes on the market today are guaranteed to transform your lash line from flat to fab with an instant dose of volume, length, and shine. For immediate everyday beauty, there’s nothing better!

2) Reason Two – They’re So Comfortable

Think false lashes are itchy or heavy? Think again! False lashes are lightweight and super comfortable to wear. After just a few minutes of wear you’ll forget they’re even on!

3) Reason Three – They Apply In Seconds

False lashes used to be applied with messy lash glue which was sticky and time-consuming. Well, not anymore! Thanks to innovations like our revolutionary LinerBond™ 2-in-1 applicator and eyeliner, you can apply your lashes cleanly and simply in seconds.

4) Reason Four – They Hold All Day

Yes, that’s right. Thanks to the same modern application techniques, your false lashes will stay firmly in place all day, come rain or shine (or even things like sweat!).

5) Reason Five – They Don’t Cost The Earth

Compared with expensive salon treatments like eyelash extensions or eyelash dyes, false lashes are an absolute bargain, and can boost your lashes instantly without any tiresome maintenance.

6) Reason Six – They’re Reusable

False lashes are the gift that just keeps on giving. One false lash will give you a minimum of 30+ wears, meaning your lashes can look gorgeous for an entire month with just one set!

7) Reason Seven – They're Good For The Environment

Not only are false lashes reusable, but ours also come with some of the highest industry certifications in the beauty universe. How do you feel about lashes that are free of toxins, 100% vegan, and PETA-approved? Pretty great right!

8) Reason Eight – They Have Everything You Need

False lashes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so you can create dozens of different looks. Want casual everyday beauty? Done! Looking to turn up the volume for a night out with the girls? Also done! In fact, there are a staggering fourteen different options to choose from when you shop with Silly George, from subtle lash boosters to lavish lash lengtheners.

The Volume Option, The Length Option, The Casual Option.

9) Reason Nine – They Come Off In Seconds

You are not a of Lego set: you should not have to spend 30 minutes at the end of every day disassembling yourself before bed. But with false lashes you don’t have to! One quick swipe of makeup remover is all you need for those lashes to come right off, ready to go again tomorrow.

10) Reason 10 – They’re Now Super Natural

False lashes used to only be for people who wanted their lashes to look seriously EXTRA. But with our game-changing new SuperNatural range, featuring a transparent lash band and a truly natural lash layout, you can boost your lash line, and still keep that effortless everyday look.

What are the alternatives to false lashes?

Lash extensions and lash lifts are two of the more permanent options available if you want to increase the length and volume of your lash line over the long term.

Lash lifts are an effective perm for your natural lashes, whilst lash extensions actually add synthetic fibers to the end of your natural lashes. We’ve put together a handy comparison of both techniques here.

However, if you want the short answer, both are more expensive than false lashes, and they also may potentially damage your natural lashes (plus, extensions can be a nightmare to remove!).

So, if you want a regular, reliable lash enhancement without the pain, false lashes are the best way to go!

Convinced? Dip your toe in the water with our ultimate beginner’s basic bundle: