How to remove false eyelashes? Here’s the quick and easy way.

June 23, 2021 2 min read

How to remove false eyelashes? Here’s the quick and easy way.

Picture this: you wore your lashes all day (or night) and now it’s time to remove them. That’s the hardest part, right? Not anymore. We promise that there is way to make it quick and easy!

Putting your falsies on can be a challenge, but when it comes to removing them, it can be even more challenging. If you’ve never worn fake eyelashes before or don’t know how to remove fake eyelashes, this post will help.

Glue, magnetics, liners – whatever you use, when you know how to remove each application method it will make everything easy-breezy. We’ll show you the ways to remove different types of lashes and some tips on how to do it the quick and easy way - without damaging your natural eyelashes, of course!

How to remove glue?

Glue eyelashes have been popular among falsie lovers, but they can be tricky to apply and even more difficult to remove. The glue may be too strong to be taken off easily, or it may stick to your eye and cause irritation. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a sticky mess all over your eyes.

Unfortunately, removing glue eyelashes requires just a bit more effort. You won't be able to just pull them off. Instead, simply apply some oil-based makeup remover to a cotton pad and press it to the top of your eyelid for a few seconds to dissolve the glue. Once the glue has softened you can then take your eyelashes off. Remember to remove any glue residue from the lashes before you save them for next time.

How to remove magnetics?

Magnetics lashes are easier to remove than to apply. Weird right? Let us explain. When you put them on you are trying to get the right angle so they can ‘sandwich’ between your natural lashes through the magnetic strips. This can take some practice. But when it’s time to remove them, all you have to think about is this: be gentle. Try to carefully slide one strip off from its partner rather than pulling the strips apart as you can run the risk of knocking off a magnet this way. 

How to remove liners?

Eyelash liners are by far the easiest method to apply and to remove. As they are like any other eyeliner, the removal process is pretty much the same and you don’t have to deal with any glue or magnetic mess. To take them off just gently peel off from the outer corner using your fingers or tweezers and then use your favourite cleanser to remove the eyeliner and the rest of your makeup. Easy, right?

Upgrade your eyelash removal routine!

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