How can I remove eyelash extensions?

September 11, 2021 3 min read

How can I remove eyelash extensions?

So.... Day One of lash extension life was pretty good. Longer lashes, check. But then... Day Two, shower, glue running into eye, ouch. Day Three, feels like someone is pulling on my eyelids. Day Four, hmmm, are they clumping? Day Fourteen, starting to look a bit patchy. Day Twenty, how much longer do I have to put up with this? 

Sound familiar? 

If you've tried lash extensions at some point and soon found your enthusiasm fading fast, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Costly, uncomfortable, uneven, even downright damaging - it’s a far cry from the easy, low-maintenance lifestyle you were promised when you first set foot in the salon. 

But it’s never too late to rescue those lashes!  

We’ve put together the ultimate guide so that you can understand exactly how extensions affect you, and the pain-free way to show them the door.  

Can Extensions Damage My Eyes? 

If you go to an experienced technician, eyelash extensions should not do any harm to your eyes over the long-term. However, extensions do have some disadvantages:  

1) Lash Loss - if your extensions are too long or too heavy, they can weigh down your natural lashes, putting stress on the hair follicles. This can make them shed early.

2) Skin Irritation – the glue used to secure your extensions in place should be tested to ensure that it doesn’t harm your eyes or skin, but even so, some people might experience an allergic reaction which can cause the skin around the eyelid to become irritated, red or itchy.

3) Discomfort – some people find that their extensions pull on their lash line, making them feel uncomfortable.

4) Clumping – experts recommend only using a very light amount of mascara on the tips of your lashes as otherwise it is easy for mascara to clump around the base of the extensions.

5) Upkeep – despite the high cost of extensions and the fact you’re supposed to be carefree afterwards, people will quietly tell you that you should top up your extensions once a month to keep your lash line balanced.  

OK, so extensions are actually quite a lot of effort! And if you’re reading this, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it anymore.  

So How Can I Remove Them Safely? 

Once you know it’s time for those extensions to go, the question is how to remove them without doing any damage to your lashes.  

You’ll find plenty of online advice which will tell you how to remove your lashes yourself at home using Castor Oil, Coconut Oil or Vaseline but we wouldn’t recommend this. All of these products will break down the adhesive on your lashes to some extent, but they might not finish the job. This can mean that to fully separate your extensions you will still need to rub or even pull them off, and that’s when you’re in danger of damaging your natural lashes. 

Which is the last thing we want, right?!  

Instead, play it safe and go back to the salon where they’ll be able to remove your lashes for you using a specially-formulated cream which will dissolve the extension glue in minutes. 

One thing to remember: don’t go for professional remover creams or gels if you’re removing your lashes yourself at home. They contain pretty strong ingredients in order to dissolve the glue quickly and, if they get in your eyes, they can cause irritation. So, make sure you’re in good hands and leave it to the pros!  

Is There Another Way To Longer Lashes?


Falsies are a great way to get instantly longer lashes without any of the hassle that comes with extensions. You get to choose exactly how you want to look each and every day and they roll on and off quiteeasily.  

In fact, the only issue with regular falsies is, you guessed it, the glue. But that’s where our revolutionary LinerBondTM comes in. It’s the only eyeliner which will holds your lashes in place with its own adhesive strength, meaning no glue, no magnets and absolutely no waiting. 

And you know what’s even better? We’ve just launched a gorgeous new range of natural-look lashes which are designed to blend invisibly with your lash line. So, if you’re desperate to get rid of those extensions and get back to feeling like yourself again, you don’t have to say goodbye to long lashes at the same time. Don't just go natural, go SuperNatural!