Can I exercise with false eyelashes?

June 05, 2021 2 min read

Can I exercise with false eyelashes?

Can you actually do sit ups with your eyelashes on? The short answer is yes. Bring on the burpees and the squats! We believe that beauty should be fabulously fun and, most of all, it should make you feel good. So why ditch it when it’s time to workout? We won’t lie to you and say it’s easy, but with a few tips and tricks and the right lashes by your side you can make it work for you.

We have the answers to all your exercise and eyelash questions, so read on to find out more.

Can your workout with false eyelashes on?

This is one of the most asked questions, and the answer is: yes! Finding the motivation to workout can be hard and we all come up with excuses not to do it – but your eyelashes shouldn’t be one of them. With good quality eyelashes you don’t have to postpone that gym class or HIIT workout because you can’t be bothered to take your makeup (and eyelashes) off.

We know it’s a big no-no to some people, but we are always in full support of wearing make-up to the gym. So go ahead! If you are going to exercise, why not look good whilst doing it?

Will my lashes fall off whilst I work out?

There’s nothing worse than having your eyelashes fall off halfway through the day, let alone during your workout. Sweat, water, humidity – they all get in the way of your lashes. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when you are jumping, running or pulling weights at the gym:

  1. Avoid rubbing your face with your gym towel: this will cause friction against your eyelashes and make them to move or detach.
  2. Keep your eyelash case in your gym bag in case you get too sweaty and need to take them off – this way they don’t get in the way.
  3. Choose an eyelash system that is sweat, heat and water resistant and that will stick with you through even the toughest of workouts.

Are falsies comfortable to wear while I work out?

Comfort is key! When it comes to our eyelashes, we want you to feel as comfortable wearing them as you do when you wear your favourite pair of leggings. So, pick lashes that match your eye shape perfectly and an adhesive product that isn’t heavy or messy.

What do I do after the workout?

So, your lashes passed the sweat and intensity test and now it’s time to get ready and pack up. Not all lash options are there are heat and water-resistant but there are some that can even make it through a post-exercise shower. This way you can rush just out after your gym session – no need to touch your lashes.

Get your sweat on!

Want your lashes to last through your workout? Our new LinerBond Pro is hassle free and fabulous – it’s shower, heat and water resistant and holds for up to 12 hours so you can exercise without having to worry about your falsies.

Put it to the test in your next workout and share with us your experience!

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