How long do fake eyelashes last?

June 02, 2021 3 min read

How long do fake eyelashes last?

There’s a lot of debate about how long lashes last. But we’ll cut to the chase: good eyelashes should last all day long and stick with you through everything. What’s more? Tossing your lashes after one use is a thing of the past. You heard that right – good quality eyelashes should not only stay with you all day, but you should be able to reuse them time and time again.

We love our lashes so much that we want to make them last and hold for as long as possible. But of course, there are many options to choose from and a lot of pros and cons when it comes to lasting lashes.

How do eyelashes stay on?

The truth is that the best eyelashes will stay with you no matter what! You shouldn’t have to worry about them moving, or worse: falling off halfway through the day…😳

But first it is important to understand how all the options out their work, so you can choose the right one for you. We give you the low down on all the different options in the market, so you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Glue: is it really a good idea?

We’ve all been there; you want your lashes to hold through thick and thin so you turn to good ol’ glue to get the job done. In terms of stickiness, glue is a great option but it doesn’t win when it comes to lasting and practical benefits. You need practice to get it right, it’s messy and at it won’t last through a busy day. The removal process can also damage your lashes with all the peeling and pulling. Ouch!

Extensions: the quick fix

Extensions are a good short-term solution as they last longer than a set of falsies (up to 3 months), but the truth is that in the long-run extensions can do more harm than good. They may damage your natural lashes, as many specialists say that they can cause stress to the hair follicles. If you want to go for it, make sure that you are doing it with a credited professional and take a break from the extensions once if a while.

Lash lifts: the spendy option

We agree, lash lifts make your natural lashes look amazing. You can say ‘I woke up like this’ every day. With all the great pros there are only a few cons, really: they can become expensive, they required maintenance and they look quite natural. So, if you are a lover of a bold lash good, perhaps you should consider other options that are more budget-friendly.

Magnetics: the heavy-duty solution

Magnetics revolutionized the market because they made application so easy, it almost looked like magic. But for lash lovers like you, it’s not hard to understand why magnetics quickly became a tricky solution. They don’t last very long, and they can feel quite uncomfortable on the eyes. And who wants to wear heavy lashes? No one! Falsies should feel comfortable and light, so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Next-generation lashes

Because we love lashes as much as you do, we have a great alternative that is (in our opinion) the best we’ve found so far. The LinerBondPro makes wearing your lashes all day a dream come true. It goes hand in hand with your favourite eyelash set and it’s hassle free – no glue, no mess, no pain, and a strong hold that doesn’t weight on your lashes. This means that it’s super comfortable to wear and that you can rest assured that they will stay put throughout your day.

All you need is line as thin as your lash band to keep your lashes in place for up to 12 hours. Busy day at work? Exercise class followed by date night? Whatever your plans are make sure you bring your lashes along – they won’t let you down, we promise. 😉


We’ve put it to the test and now it’s your turn. Try the NEW LinerBond Pro and see for yourself how long it lasts. We are so sure you’ll be happy that we’ve backed it up with a 30-day money back guarantee.