The Coolest Christmas Makeup Ideas

December 17, 2021 2 min read

The Coolest Christmas Makeup Ideas

Christmas party season is the perfect excuse to get creative with your makeup. So crack out the glitter, throw on the holiday tunes and get into the festive spirit as we take you through a selection of some of this year’s hottest winter looks. 

Scroll on to discover five easy ways to really make those lashes pop with our Christmas How-To Guide. 

Envious Eyes 

If you want to keep it clean this Christmas, stick-on studs are your new best friend. Just cluster half a dozen under each eye, mixing different shapes in whites, golds and silvers. Then add length to your lashes with a luxuriously long falsie and you’ll be ready to dazzle the room!  

Golden Glow 

Go from day-time to party-time in seconds with this glamorous little number. Apply a burnt yellow eyeshadow above each eye, leaving your lids bare, and punctuate with flecks of gold glitter. To match the horizontal swish of eyeshadow you’re going to want a falsie that emphasizes width, like our Girl Friday lash. 

90s Lashes 

Do you dare go bare?! The 1990s are back and so is the trend for the three Bs: big brows, bare eyes and smokey brown lipstick. This is one of the easiest looks to put together, all you need is a clear-band falsie (try any of our SuperNatural Series) and your favourite brown lipstick. Remember, you don’t need to add anything else to your eyes, just leave them looking natural! 


If you want to stand out without having to reach for the glitter, then you can never go wrong with cat-eye. Using your favourite black eyeliner, run a line from the inner corner of your lash and continue it about 1cm beyond the outer edge of your lash. Add naturally wispy lashes to complete the look.  

Mrs Claus 

Can’t hide your love of Christmas? Then go full Mrs Claus by amping up the red. Using a red eyeliner, colour a similar cat-eye affect swoosh above your lash line on both eyes, ending a couple of centimetres beyond the outer corner of the eye. Fill in the area underneath your eyes with green matte eyeshadow and finish off with some vibrant red lipstick. This look is all about impact so when picking your falsie, go for volume

Ready to get started, gorgeous?  

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