Using Mascara with False Lashes: Do’s & Don’ts

August 22, 2023 3 min read

Using Mascara with False Lashes Do’s & Don’ts


When Marilyn Monroe sang ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ she was surely forgetting about the one thing that’s even better – mascara! Mascara is the accessory that almost none of us can live without, but many people often wonder whether you can combine it with false lashes.

The good news is yes, you can!

In fact, an eye makeup routine that includes both mascara and false lashes is sure to deliver great results. So, where does this fear come from? Well, if they're not mixed correctly, the mascara and false lash combo can end up ruining both your lashes and your eye makeup.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to give up on your dreams of long, darker lashes. All you have to do is grab your mascara, pick up your false lashes, and follow these simple do’s and dont's.

Using mascara with false lashes: The Do’s

1) Apply your mascara BEFORE applying your false lashes. Applying a light coat of mascara after your false lashes is a great way to blend them with your natural lashes. Just remember that you'll need to clean your false lashes thoroughly when you remove them to ensure you remove any leftover mascara; otherwise, they may become more prone to breakage.

2) Use your mascara sparingly – you don’t want to bury your lashes! A light, thin coat of mascara will give your natural lashes all the extra bounce they need.

3) Let your mascara dry properly before applying your false lashes (this is true for all eye makeup by the way!)

4) Be precise when you apply your false lashes. Some people can get a bit nervous once their mascara is on and, as a result, they end up placing the false lash too far away from the root. But, this creates a very obvious divide between your false lash and your mascara. The solution? Grab yourself some tweezers to help you land those lashes the first time!

5) After applying your false lashes, you can add a coat of mascara to your bottom lashes, but to be honest, it's just easier to do the bottom lashes beforehand too!

6) Spend time on your lash care. Good lash care means cleaning your false lashes regularly, particularly after you’ve worn them on top of mascara. Any standard makeup remover is perfect for cleaning – once you’ve removed your false lashes, just make sure you get rid of any remaining eye makeup and mascara. What if you don’t nail the cleaning? Leftover eye makeup can harden, causing your lashes to become more brittle or to clump, both of which will lead to damage.

7) Trim your lashes to the correct length. By nailing the right length, you won’t have any excess lash accidentally scooping up makeup from beyond your lash line.



The Golden Rule - Always clean your false lashes after use. Leave mascara or makeup on your false lashes


Using mascara with false lashes: The Don'ts

1) This might sound like an obvious one, but don’t try to blend mascara with false lashes without having a mirror at hand! Trust us, this isn’t the time to be freestyling. Here’s a tip: position the mirror slightly below your eyeline so that you are looking down towards it - this will give you a better view of your lashes.

2) Don’t be aggressive with your lash care. As we spoke above, cleaning your false lashes is really important, but that means being gentle. When cleaning your lashes, be careful not to scrunch or damage the fibers.

So, by following these do’s and don'ts you can enjoy using mascara and false lashes together without fear! But right now, you are probably wondering: what about the rest of my eye makeup? Well, we’ve covered that, too 😊

Can I use general eye makeup with false lashes?

Yes, you can use eye makeup with false lashes! Just remember to follow the basic principles of the do’s and don'ts above, and really pay attention to those suggestions around lash care. Keeping your lashes free from eye makeup will help maintain their good condition.

Secondly, try to pick products that are oil free. Oil can dissolve lash adhesive, so if you apply oil-based makeup you might accidentally cause your lashes to fall off.

One last thought...

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