5 Valentine’s Day Eyelash Makeup Ideas

February 13, 2022 2 min read

5 Valentine’s Day Eyelash Makeup Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner it’s time to break out the colour and fire up those lashes. Check out these five ideas for drop-dead gorgeous looks and get inspired! 

There’s just one question: what kind of mood are you in? 


If you’re heading out for a night on the town with your besties and don’t want to get too lovey-dovey, then using purple eyeshadow to take a classic cat-eye look to the next level is a great starter. 

Lash Recommendation: Girl Friday These lashes grow in length as you move towards the outer edges which is exactly what you need to give your eyes that feline flutter. 


Planning on going all out this Valentine’s Day? Go bold with gold! Apply a metallic gold eyeshadow across your lids and then accent the corners of your eyes with a striking red. Do it right and it’ll be like two comets blazing a trail through your lashes 💫. 

Lash Recommendation: Girl On Fire. Bold colors are great for drawing attention to your eyes but you don’t want your lashes to fade into the background. This set will give you serious length along the whole of your lash line, ensuring your lashes burn just as brightly as your makeup! 


If you’re headed for candlelight (it is Valentine’s Day after all!), then this is the perfect time to give your eyes some warmth. Save yourself the hassle of mixing different shades and go for a pure burnt orange hue across the whole of your lid.  

Lash Recommendation: Girl Next Door. This all-purpose lash subtly accentuates volume for a down-to-earth beauty which blends perfectly with soft lighting.  


If your soul is sick of Nat King Cole and you want this Valentine’s Day to get a little out of hand, then it’s time to embrace your inner punk! Mix pink eyeshadow with bold black eyeliner for a look that’s strong and sexy.  

Lash Recommendation: Girl Boss. The most fun of any lash set, Girl Boss mixes long and short lash fibres which really makes your eyes pop. 


For those whose idea of Valentine’s heaven is cuddling up on the sofa in front of a good film, we’ve 2got you covered. Pick an eyeshadow that matches your skin’s natural hue and let your lashes do the work!  

Lash Recommendation: Astra SuperNatural. With a clear band that blends invisibly with your natural lash line, this lash is perfect for effortlessly long “I just woke up like this” lashes.  

Now that you’ve got the inspiration, all you need are the lashes. Try our Basic Bundle and get two sets of lashes for less! ❤️