Magnetic Lashes: The Pros and Cons

April 27, 2023 2 min read

Magnetic Lashes: The Pros and Cons


Following up after our summary of the best false lash options, it’s now time to look at each one in a little more detail, starting with the pros and cons of magnetic lashes.

Can reusable magnetic lashes enhance your look? What about enhancing your comfort?

We’ve done the research. So, read our list of pros and cons to find out whether magnetic lashes are right for you.

Why are they called magnetic lashes?

Magnetic Lashes: The Pros


Magnetic lashes are easy to apply with either a magnetic eyeliner or by clipping them together, and enhance your look in seconds.


Compared to things like eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes are much more affordable. This means you don’t just have to settle for one look, you can experiment!


Reusable lashes save you time and money, because it means you can wear your favourite lashes again and again. As long as you clean your magnetic lashes after use to remove any leftover makeup which might damage them, you should get at least 30+ wears from each reusable set.


Thanks to the row of tiny magnets spread across the lash band, magnetic lashes have strong all-day hold which won’t let you down.

So, if you want to enhance those natural lashes of yours, magnetic lashes have a lot of pros!

Magnetic Lashes: The Cons


The clue is in the name – because magnetic lashes rely on magnets to hold in place, they tend to be a little heavier than other falsies. This extra weight can feel uncomfortable and can drag down on your natural lashes, causing premature shedding.


Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides. For people with sensitive skin or allergies, this ingredient can cause skin irritation. Magnetic eyeliner also requires extra care to remove.


Whilst magnetic lashes enhance volume and length just as most other falsies, the magnets in the band can make them look chunkier, and therefore more obvious.

Of course, not all magnetic lashes are created equal. If these cons have you worried, then check out our Dual Strip Magnetic Lashes. Our magnetic lashes have been specially designed to address the common cons of magnetic lashes, so you only get the pros!

  • Lightweight magnets for increased comfort and slimline appearance
  • Clip-on application means no magnetic eyeliner required

These cruelty-free lashes are reusable for 30+ wears and contain absolutely zero toxins, making them perfect for sensitive skin. They also come in three different styles so you can enhance your makeup options with endless variations!

Of course, if you want an alternative to magnetic lashes, you can also try our revolutionary LinerBond™ which combines an instant-drying adhesive with an eyeliner.


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