How does humidity affect my fake lashes?

May 02, 2023 3 min read

How does humidity affect my fake lashes?

Humidity isn’t just a drag if you’re hyperventilating your way through a New York summer. This climate factor, along with other associated factors like heat and rain, can also affect the durability of your fake lashes.

But why does humidity cause trouble for fake lashes? Does it reduce their hold over a 12-hour period? And what can you do about it?

We have the answers.

What is humidity?

Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. Higher humidity is more common in countries closer to the equator, while lower humidity is more common in countries further north or south.

Like many things in life, a good balance is key. However, when humidity rises too high or falls too low - as it does in many countries at certain times of the year - it can have an impact.

So, whether you're enjoying the heat on a beach or trying to avoid the rain at home, understanding the effects of humidity on your fake lashes is important.

Did you know...? Most people talk about humidity in the sense of high humidity (a hot, tropical climate), but did you know that low humidity can also affect your fake lashes?

How does humidity affect fake lashes?

Humidity is worth considering if you are someone who gets lash extensions (which requires glue) or if you apply your fake lashes using a lash glue. That’s because humidity can affect the way standard glues dry.

In high humidity, the extra moisture means glues either:

A) Dry faster than usual, so you might accidentally damage your lashes

B) Fail to dry at all (in very high humidity) so your lashes just won’t hold

In low humidity, the lack of moisture means either:

A) The glue doesn’t cure (dry) so your fake lashes won’t hold

B) You have a higher chance of skin irritation, since the glue takes longer to dry and sits on your skin for longer

What are the indirect effects of humidity on fake lashes?

In high humidity environments, the extra rain and heat can also affect your fake lashes.


Getting your lashes wet in the rain (or even a shower at the gym) weighs them down, putting greater strain on the join between your natural lashes and your fake lashes.


Heat makes you sweat. This causes oils to be released along your lash line which can attract bacteria. If bacteria are allowed to build up, they can actually end up stunting your natural lash growth.

What can you do?

To achieve maximum hold for your lashes (at least 12 hours), it's best to apply them in a balanced environment where the humidity is between 45-60%. The good news is that, unless you're in a very cold or tropical climate, most indoor spaces should naturally fall within this range.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can invest in a humidifier, dehumidifier, or even a hygrometer (a device that measures relative levels of temperature and humidity within a room).

But why let the weather slow you down?

Of course, there’s also a far easier solution than to constantly worry about the level of humidness. For over 12 hours of hold in even the most extreme conditions, you need an adhesive eyeliner. An adhesive eyeliner is basically what it would look like if Apple made glues – it’s a technologically advanced way of holding your lashes in place without the need for the adhesive to ‘cure’ (again, meaning ‘dry’). This means it’s not affected by heat or humidity.

What’s the best adhesive eyeliner for fake lashes?

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Because the best adhesive eyeliner for your fake lashes is our very own LinerBond™. When we created LinerBond™ adhesive eyeliner, we wanted to give you way more than the standard 12-hour hold of a regular lash glue. That’s why it comes with a precision tip for smudge-proof application and requires absolutely no drying time. Together, this gives you and your lashes an absolutely perfect fit. And that means you can kiss the 12-hour rule goodbye, and be confident that your lashes will stay snugly in place all day AND all night too.

With options available in both Black and Clear, try it today and see what you think.


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