Can I Shower with my eyelashes on?

June 12, 2021 3 min read

Can I Shower with my eyelashes on?

Whether you're addicted to eyelashes or you just like the look they give you, there comes a time when you have to remove them. You may think that shower time is one of them but that’s not entirely true… Confused? Let us explain.

The water, heat and humidity of showers can be your eyelashes worst enemy. This deadly combination this can make them come off quite easily and that can be hard when you just want to keep them on for a quick shower. For example, if you are getting ready after a gym session or want to freshen up and give your make-up a quick touch-up. And we all know that having to take your lashes off just to put them back on after a few minutes can be a pain (we’ve been there before!).

But there are some ways to make your lashes stay on point, even during and after the shower. Read on to find out how!

1. Keep your eyelashes dry

A little water doesn’t hurt but avoid getting your eyelashes completely wet. This will dissolve any fixation product that you’ve used. The solution? Try showering with your back turned to the shower head to keep your face dry and protect your eyelashes. We also recommend keeping the water at a cool temperature, so you don’t create a lot of steam as humidity can compromise your lashes.

2. Don’t wash your face in the shower

Avoid doing your skincare routine in the shower when you want to keep your eyelashes on. This is not only bad for your skin (the hot water temperature can dry out your skin) but will also make products come in contact with your eye area, which may cause your falsies to move or fall off.

The pressure from the shower head can also be too much for your falsies, so if you need to wash your face do it in the tap instead with cool water and if you use a cleanser keep it away from your falsies. 

3. Don’t rub your face with a towel

Try patting your face with a towel instead of rubbing it. Dab your face gently and avoid the eye area and let your eyelashes air dry so they stay in place.

After your face is dry, if you need to apply moisturizer or any other product do it either with a cotton pad or a make-up brush, to keep the product away from the eye area.

4. Choose the right eyelash product

Many eyelash products like glue, magnetics or extensions can let you down in the shower because they aren’t made to resist water, heat and humidity. Look for products that are shower-proof, this way you can rest assured that your eyelashes will stay on and look fabulous even after you are squeaky clean.

Keep your lashes on, even in the shower!

If you are looking for a shower-proof product the LinerBond Pro is your best friend. Its new formula is water, heat and humidity resistant which means that your lashes will stay put, no matter what. And on top of that is super quick and easy to apply.

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