How to get the perfect cat eye look?

August 04, 2021 1 min read

How to get the perfect cat eye look?

Juggling three oranges whilst walking on a tightrope strung between two 20 story buildings – easy! Trying to get the perfect Cat Eye – tricky! Firstly you’re gonna need steady hands as the slightest bump or twitch can send an eyeliner pen or brush flying in the wrong direction and force you to start over. Now you have to choose the right eyeliner – it has to go on smooth and smudge proof is a must. Here we have some tips for you

Next make an outline for your wings - or tails as we’re talking about cats. Then as you fill in the colour using your outline as a guide you must resist the urge to close or stretch your eyes. Remember that makeup remover is always there to help you, even the professionals keep makeup remover on hand to perfect or correct their cat eyes.  

Easy and natural looking cat eyes? 

Yes they do exist! And they’re called Aurora after the celestial dawn goddess. Most of the heavy lifting for the cat eye is done by the eyeliner but our lash comes on a clear band (more natural look) and are easy to clean, last up to 40 times and are super flexible. Their styling  

with short inner lashes that graduate to longer outer lashes is perfect for the cat eye!  

These lashes are recommended for Almond, Hooded, Close-set, Monolid and Protruding eye shapes.