10 Most Common Eye Makeup Mistakes & How to Correct Them

September 18, 2023 5 min read

10 Most Common Eye Makeup Mistakes & How to Correct Them

Don’t let silly little things get in the way of perfect eye makeup! Find out how to avoid the ten most common eye makeup mistakes that people make with our simple guide.

The 10 Most Common Eye Makeup Mistakes

Our countdown of the ten basic things that can compromise your eye makeup starts now... but remember, if any of these mistakes sound familiar, don’t worry! We all make mistakes – the only thing that matters is knowing how to fix them 😊

Mistake 1: Not prepping your skin in advance

Every artist knows that before they start their masterpiece, they’ve got to make sure they’ve got a pristine canvas! If you don’t prep your skin in advance, you’ll make it harder for your eye makeup to really pop.

How to correct this: Make sure you clean and moisturise your skin before you apply your eye makeup.

Mistake 2: Using too much eye shadow in one go

If you make the easy mistake of throwing too much eye shadow on your lids in one go, two things happen. One, it is much more difficult to blend. And two, you’re likely to get eye shadow falling off your lids onto your cheeks and interfering with the rest of your makeup.

How to correct this: Make sure you tap your eye shadow brush (just tap the brush against the container) to get rid of excess powder before you apply your eye shadow.

Mistake 3: Forgetting to use primer

Ever wonder why your eye makeup sometimes looks patchy? It’s because you haven’t used primer! Makeup sticks to areas of moisture, and the amount of moisture on your skin naturally varies across your face. So, without a primer to balance things out, your makeup will automatically cluster in certain places, leaving you with an uneven final look.

How to correct this: Always apply primer (a concealer or soft-hued powder will also work) to your eyelids before applying your eye makeup. This will ensure your eye makeup sticks evenly to your skin and will give you a smoother finish. Plus, it will hold your makeup in place for longer!

Mistake 4: Closing your eyes when applying eyeliner

Yes, we know it’s tempting! It’s human nature to want to close your eyes when something pointy comes near them, but if your eyes are closed, then it suddenly becomes a lot more difficult to get that nice straight line you’re after.

How to correct this: OK, it’s going to feel weird at first, but if you practice applying your eyeliner with your eyes open, we promise it will quickly start to feel natural, and you’ll get a way better result!

Mistake 5: Using a mirror incorrectly

Whether we’re rushing to get out the house or doing our makeup on the go, lots of us can get into the habit of using a small compact mirror and leaning down towards it as we do our makeup. The mistake here is that we end up applying our eye makeup at an unnatural angle, so, when you look up, that eyeliner line isn’t where you wanted it to be!

How to correct this: Try to make sure you are facing a mirror square-on whilst doing your makeup and that your posture is good. This will give you a ‘true’ angle when applying your makeup and will help you be way more accurate.

Mistake 6: Not trimming your false lashes

False lashes are an important part of your eye makeup. Although most false lashes are sold in one size, they are designed to be trimmed at home to fit your unique eye shape. If you don’t trim them, your false lashes won’t blend with your natural lashes, and they’ll stand out awkwardly.

How to correct this: Make sure you trim your false lashes BEFORE you apply them.

Mistake 7: Messing up your mascara

Mascara often seems like the easiest thing to apply, but you’d be surprised how often bad technique can lead to a clumpy, messy mascara look.

How to correct this: Don’t dab your mascara on with short, frantic brush strokes. Instead, take your mascara brush (as with eye shadow, make sure you remove any excess), place it at the root of your lashes, and then wiggle it gently upwards. You want to aim for long, full strokes where the brush is in contact with as much of your lash line as possible.

Wondering what the rules are when using mascara with false lashes? We’ve put together a list of simple do’s and don’ts here!

Mistake 8: Over-shaping your eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping is a great way of keeping your eyebrows in pristine condition. But, take the eyebrow shaping too far, and you could end up with thin, patchy looking eyebrows.

How to correct this: Eyebrow shaping should always be done in moderation – make sure you go easy with the tweezers! But don't worry, if you feel like your eyebrow shaping has ended up damaging your eyebrows, you can fix things fast with a Growth Serum.

Mistake 9: Using black eyeliner on your bottom lashes

The idea of applying black eyeliner to your bottom lashes is to make them more defined, right? OK, well, this isn’t actually the best way to do it. In fact, using black eyeliner on your bottom lashes, and not accompanying it with any other eye makeup only makes your eyes look smaller.

How to correct this: Instead of eyeliner, try using a dark shade of eye shadow or powder to give your eyes more definition without closing them off.

Mistake 10: Accidental smudging

If you find you are regularly smudging your eyeliner or mascara during application, there are two things you should think about.

How to correct this: One, consider investing in a waterproof mascara which is less likely to smudge. Two, try going a little farther away from your eyes (if you apply your makeup too close to the eye, it might make your eyes water and that could be what is causing your makeup to run).

3 Things to Remember: Tap away excess product before applying, Always trim false lashes, Practice your mascara technique.

Your secret weapon

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