Boosting eyelash and eyebrow growth

January 24, 2022 2 min read

Boosting eyelash and eyebrow growth

If you’re craving longer lashes and beautiful brows, you don’t need a cupboard’s worth of products to make it happen. No sir! In fact, everything you need for faster eyelash and eyebrow growth comes in just one little tube... 

Say hello to serum! 

Lash Growth Serums are the only scientifically-proven means of boosting lash growth, but did you know that they can also be used on your eyebrows? If you think about it, it makes total sense, because the hairs on our eyebrows are made the same way as the hairs on our lash line. So, whatever boosts our lashes, will also work for our brows!  

How do growth serums work? 

Growth serums work in two ways. On the one hand, they stimulate the hair follicles that make up your eyelashes and eyebrows to promote faster growth. On the other, they reinforce and nourish the connection between the hair and the root, decreasing the chances of premature shedding. That means longer, thicker lashes in half the time.  

They do this by using something called EPM Enzymes, which are like little fragments of protein. Human hairs are also composed largely of protein so, by applying these enzymes to your hair follicles, you're able to accelerate the natural growth cycle which produces new lashes and strengthen the roots of your existing lashes at the same time.  


How long do they take? 

Using eyelashes as the example, independent studies have shown that our Lash Growth Serum can boost growth by an average of 56% in just six weeks` use.  

Are they safe? 

Absolutely! Lash Growth Serums have been carefully developed to be used around your eye area, but if you want the very best, look for those which are toxin-free and dermatologically tested. 


So there you have it, one revolutionary serum which you can use interchangeably on both your lashes and brows with proven results in just a matter of weeks. Try it yourself as part of our special Dynamic Duo Kit and you can also take home our gorgeous Heart Eyes Mascara, because once you’ve got that extra lash length, all it takes is a swish of mascara to start turning heads!