5 Best Natural-Looking False Lashes

July 11, 2022 2 min read

5 Best Natural-Looking False Lashes

Sometimes with false lashes, you want to stand out by blending in. That’s where natural-looking falsies come in.  

In this blog, we’ve picked out five of the best false lashes for extra volume, length and definition which all blend perfectly with your natural lash line. So, the only thing people will see in your eyes, is a girl at the top of her game! 

The Natural Lash Countdown

1) Fan Lash 

Your eyelashes naturally grow out in the shape of a fan, keeping a fairly consistent length across the breadth of your lash line. A fan lash mirrors this shape perfectly, meaning it's ideal for people with shorter natural lashes who want to add length.  

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2) Wispy Lash 

Whereas a fan lash spreads lashes evenly across the band, a wispy lash has lashes grouped into little clusters, giving you bursts of definition along your lash line. It’s perfect for people with longer natural lashes who want to add volume.  

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3) Cross Lash 

If your lashes overlap as they grow, then this is the falsie for you! A cross lash will match your natural overlap with lashes that zigzag on top of one another, adding thickness to your lash line and creating a breezy look which isn’t overly polished. 

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4) Midpoint Lash 

Midpoint lashes build length towards the middle of your lash line. They’re perfect if your natural lashes have been damaged and your lash line is still trying to recover as they help to build back areas of excessive shedding or loss.  

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5) Layer Lash 

False lashes which add LOADS of extra volume are harder to disguise, so if it’s a natural look you’re after, try a layer lash. A layer lash is a falsie which has just the right amount of extra density – enough to layer your natural lashes with a bit more volume, but not so much that people will spot it.   

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Want a tip? 

You can now buy false lashes with clear bands, so there’s no need to disguise them with eyeliner. It’s the ultimate, effortlessly natural look! The Silly George lashes highlighted in 3,4 and 5 above all come with clear bands. 

And remember.... don’t forget to boost your natural lashes 

In addition to a falsie, you can also give your natural lashes a boost by using a Lash Growth Serum. Lash Growth Serums strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes, meaning your false lashes will just be the cherry on top!