Best False Lashes for Weddings

July 21, 2022 2 min read

Best False Lashes for Weddings

So, you’ve got a wedding this weekend. For some people that means crazy celebration. For others, awkward small talk and repeated questions about your own marital status. But it really doesn’t matter which way you lean, because wedding days are days that all Silly George girls should BOSS! 


Because we’re giving you the secrets to the perfect wedding lashes right here in this blog. Read on! 

Before The Wedding – Choosing Your Lash 

Don’t worry, unlike the wedding itself, getting the perfect wedding lash doesn’t take months of planning. In fact, it’s easy. First, work out your eye shape. There are five main variations, which one are you?  

Once you know your eye shape, identify the style of lash which best suits your look. 

Lash Shape Pairing Tips

Deep-Set & Hooded Eyes: go for extra-long false lashes to bring you eyes forward.

Almond Eyes: go for any lash style

Monolid Eyes: go for top-heavy lashes to add depth

Round Eyes: go for lashes that lengthen towards the tips to add width.


Now comes the final decision: black or clear band? Black bands will give your lash line more drama, whilst clear bands create a more natural look.  

Want to know what our Silly George community recommends? Our most popular wedding lashes are: 

Clear Band: Nova SuperNatural 

Black Band: Girl Overboard 

The Wedding Morning – Application & Makeup 

What comes first, false lashes or makeup? Don’t worry: follow our easy 10Step Guide and you can’t go wrong! Just remember to carefully trim your falsie to the correct lengthofyour lashes before applying. 

After The Wedding – Removal  

Great, you’ve made it back to your room and you’re 99% certain that only one or two people saw you trying to start a Conga line on the dancefloor. But now’s not the time to simply tear off your lashes and toss them away. No! If you learn how to remove your lashes carefully, you’ll be able to re-use them again and again. So, you’re already ready for the next wedding!  

Want to make the whole process even easier? Try one of our starter bundles and grab everything you need for your wedding weekend in one go.