The Best False Lashes for Round Eyes

July 27, 2022 1 min read

The Best False Lashes for Round Eyes

In this special series, we’re breaking down the best false lashes for the 5 most common eye shapes. We started by looking at deep-set eyes so, if you missed that blog, you can read it here

But today, we’re talking about round eyes! 

Do I Have Round Eyes? 

You have round eyes if...  

  • Your eyes are naturally circular in shape 
  • There’s space (the white part of your eye) beneath your iris 

Which Lash Style Works Best? 

You’ve got two options. If you want to double down on dreamy big eyes, accentuate your natural circular eye shape by adding length across the whole of your lash line. Or, if you want to make your gaze wider, go for lashes which build length towards the outer edge of your lash line. 

3 Lashes You Should Own 

These lashes will bring out the beauty of round eyes: 

1) Girl Next Door 

Lash clusters get longer as you move towards the outer end of the lash band, giving your eyes more depth. 

2) Aurora SuperNatural 

This steadily increasing criss-cross pattern adds width and volume at the same time, meaning your gaze will be both wider and more dramatic. 

3) Luna SuperNatural 

The dreamy eye option. Adds length consistently across your entire lash line to make your eyes look even bigger and more beautiful.



Start making the most of your gorgeous round eyes and try one of our recommended lashes today!