Lash Care 101: The Secret to Healthy Lashes

May 18, 2023 3 min read

Lash Care 101: The Secret to Healthy Lashes

Your journey to healthy, beautiful lashes starts here! We all know that a good lash maintenance routine can help enhance and care for your lashes. But the question is: what does a good lash maintenance routine actually look like?

In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about caring for your lashes.

What we’ll cover

1) Why lash care matters

2) How to care for and maintain healthy lashes

3) Why the right lash product can make a big difference

4) The secret power of lash growth serums

Ready to enhance your lashes with these simple steps? Let’s go!

Why does lash care matter?

Good lash care will keep your lashes feeling good and looking great. With a regular lash maintenance routine, you can:

  • Improve lash appearance and health
  • Reduce damage and shedding
  • Boost growth

A lash maintenance routine doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and we guarantee it will make a big difference.

Learn More About The Lash Lifecycle  - Anagen, Catogen, Telogen e Exogenous
The cycle consists of 4 stages: growth phase (anagen), transition phase (catagen), resting phase (telogen) and falling phase (exogenous).

How to care for and maintain healthy lashes

There are a number of different components to a good lash maintenance routine. If you want healthy, beautiful lashes, these are the most important things to bear in mind.

Eat a balanced diet

Caring for your lashes starts with caring for your body. The hairs along your lash line require a wide range of minerals and nutrients. A balanced diet will ensure they get everything they need to stay strong and will therefore reduce shedding.

Develop good makeup technique

Makeup technique? Yes, it’s a thing. It might sound odd but think of all the different tools we use on our eyelashes. From mascara wands to eyelash curlers, we’re constantly pulling, plumping, curling or tugging our lashes in different directions. Luckily, our lashes can take a bit of punishment, but take the time to learn exactly how to use each of these tools and you’ll avoid accidentally damaging your lashes in the process.

Cleanse daily

Cleansing routines might sound incredibly soulful, but they’re also extremely practical. You see, if bacteria are allowed to build up along your lash line they can damage your hair follicles, increasing shedding and even inhibiting natural lash growth. Bacteria love nothing more than a bit of leftover makeup, so make sure you wipe your face clean each night before going to sleep. A gentle facial cleanser will do the job perfectly or you can keep things simple and use a little micellar water on a cotton pad.

Keep your lashes moisturised

Well hydrated lashes are less likely to fall out, so moisturising is an essential part of the care cycle. You can try use natural oils, but there’s a risk that they will end up clogging your pores and spreading bacteria (see above for why that sucks). Instead, you might want to consider a Lash Growth Serum. In addition to boosting growth, Lash Growth Serums also moisturise your existing lashes, keeping them healthy throughout their natural growth cycle.

Why choosing the right lash product matters!

If you want to care for your lashes, think carefully about the kind of products you apply to your lash line. Lash Extensions, magnetics and traditional glue-ons all have side effects which can end up damaging your lashes. So why not try our revolutionary LinerBond™? It applies in seconds, holds all day and is guaranteed not to damage your lashes.

The secret shortcut to healthy lashes

When we say ‘healthy’ lashes we don’t just mean lashes that are healthy on the inside, we also mean lashes that look healthy on the outside! And nothing looks healthier than a full, thick lash line.
If you’re looking for the fastest, safest and easiest way to instantly improve the health, and length, of your lashes, then you need Lash Growth Serum which is clinically proven to boost growth. Our Lash Growth Serums will stimulate the hair follicles along your lash line and shows results after just four weeks. In fact, 93% of our customers reported that their lashes looked healthier after the first month of use. Want to know more about how our Lash Growth Serum works? Check out our lash-boosting ingredients here.


By following our lash maintenance routine, you can care for and enhance your natural lashes simply and quickly.
Just remember to:
  • Eat well
  • Be gentle with your curler
  • Cleanse daily
  • Stay away from glues, lash extensions and heavy magnets
  • Speed things up with a Lash Growth Serum!
Get started with our Lash Growth Serum and transform your lashes today


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