Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

December 08, 2021 2 min read

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Extensions don’t come cheap, so you might be amazed to hear there’s even a chance that they might damage your lashes. But getting a lash extension isn’t all plain-sailing, so before you book that trip to the salon, there are a couple of really important things you should know. 

What are extensions? 

In a lash extension, a specially trained technician will apply a number of semi-permanent fibres to the tips of your natural lashes using a glue. By doing this, they directly add length to each individual lash, making your whole lash line longer. The average length increase can be anywhere from 6-10mm and extensions normally last around six weeks. 

How can extensions damage lashes? 

If extensions are applied properly, they shouldn’t damage your natural lashes BUT....sometimes not everything goes perfectly.  

  • If the extensions you're given are too long or too heavy they can pull down on the natural lash that they’re attached to, increasing the chance of shedding.  
  • If the glue isn’t applied carefully, it can damage your natural lashes. 
  • Because extensions require a fairly strong glue to keep them in place, the strength of the chemicals used can sometimes lead to skin irritation along the lash line, which in turn harms your lash growth. 
  • Extensions can sometimes cause mascara to clump around the adhesive, so it’s really important to keep your lashes clean as it helps prevent bacteria from building up and damaging your lashes. 

What about removing them? 

As well as the potential issues you can run into after your extensions have been applied, it’s also important to be careful when it comes time to remove them. Simply yanking them out at home isn’t the answer! Do this and you could seriously damage your natural lashes.  

That’s why we always recommend going back to a salon to have them professionally removed, even though it can be time-consuming and add to the cost. 

We’ve got a dedicated blog on extension removal here if you want to know more. 

What’s the verdict? 

As you can see, what started out as a carefree six weeks of lash bliss doesn’t quite seem as rosy when you consider some of the potential problems. But if you’re still looking for naturally longer lashes then there are lots of other options that you can think about. 

Have you tried a Growth Serum? 

Growth Serums are specially formulated to stimulate the hair follicles within your lash line, promoting rapid lash growth. They’re a great, tried-and-tested way to speed up your natural growth cycle. In fact, our Growth Serum can deliver results in just six weeks!  

You can also check out all of our other tips for naturally long lashes here

What about using false lashes? 

If you think that extensions are just so much easier than having to apply a falsie every day, then think again! Sure, falsies did use to be a bit more work, but that was before the amazing invention of adhesive liners.  

You see, adhesive liners are eyeliners that hold your false lashes in place with their own adhesive strength. The even better news? You’ve already found your perfect match, because our revolutionary LinerBond™ is the best of the best! Paired with our new clear-band SuperNatural lashes you can have gorgeous lashes each and every day in seconds: no drying time, no mess, no fuss.  

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