How much do eyelash extensions cost?

December 11, 2021 2 min read

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

Oh hey, big spender! That’s right, if it’s eyelash extensions you’re after, then they do come with quite a high salon price tag. Most salons will start at over $100 USD for a semi-permanent lash extension, and some can even charge as much as $300 USD.  

So, the real question is, at that high price.... 

Are they worth it? 

Despite the high cost, extensions do last a fairly long time, normally around six weeks. However, as they’re applied directly to your natural lash tips, they’re not completely worry-free. If not applied properly, they can actually end up damaging your natural lashes; they can be time-consuming and costly to remove safely,; and they don’t always give you the most natural look.  

What’s more, they’re also a bit of a pain to maintain. Once you’ve had an extension done you have to be quite careful about the products you use on them, the way you apply mascara, and even how often you touch your eyes during the day. 

What are the alternatives? 

If by now you’re questioning whether extensions are worth the money, we totally understand. But don’t despair! There are plenty of other ways to get gorgeous lashes without the high cost or potential damage. 

The easiest, best value of all is to use a false lash COMBINED with an adhesive liner. You can re-use falsies again and again, throw them on and off as you like depending on the moment, and with the clever tech inside an adhesive liner, you can apply them in seconds without worrying about any of that messy glue. 

And when it comes to liners, there’s none better than our revolutionary LinerBond™. There’s zero drying time, and you can choose between Black or Clear depending on whether you want to go for a totally natural look or give your eyes a bit of drama.  

Our advice? Save yourself all that extension hassle and go for a liner instead! 👍