How to get thicker lashes without using extensions?

August 05, 2021 1 min read

How to get thicker lashes without using extensions?

Avoid the stress to your hair follicles and the strain on your bank account by avoiding extensions. You could try a lash lift but this will also have an impact on your purse. So, it’s time for the falsies. You need to choose some that fit with your eye shape, make them shine and are easy to get on and off.

There are several common ways of attaching lashes. Glue, magnets and adhesive eyeliners. You would think using typical lash glue would keep the lashes in place all day but that’s not necessarily so and if they do stay on the removal can be painful and damaging – like a bad break-up! Magnetics were a revolution for a while until they weren’t. They go on easy but they also come off easy and are heavy. Adhesive eyeliners are by far the simplest method to apply and to remove. No ouch, just mmmm. 

The new thicker lash 

There’s a new lash in town and it’s one of our new stars (Nova means new star).  This celestially inspired lash creates a nice thick and full "lash extensions" look. It comes on a clear band for a more natural look and works perfectly with our clear LinerBond Pro.  This lash is also super easy to clean, lasts up to 40 times and is super flexible.  It’s time to take the new star out on the town!  

These lashes are recommended for Almond, Hooded, Wide-set and Deep-set eye shapes.